6 Ways to Tackle Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is a mental condition that causes behavioral changes in an individual. This medical condition can be found in variable severity. There have been cases where an individual appears completely normal but was later diagnosed with autism. In other cases, it may cause complete speech impairment.

Reports suggest that autism spectrum disorder can be found in every 1 of 44 children in the U.S. The average age of diagnosis in California is as young as three years old. According to a study conducted from 2016 to 2019, male children are more susceptible to being diagnosed with ASD than females. 

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Autism Spectrum
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This condition may cause the individual to not fully grab the unspoken rules of conversation. ASD is not a learning disability, but it does affect the learning of the person in some cases more than others. Unfortunately, this condition does affect the emotional quotient of an individual as well.

Individuals with ASD may not be able to perceive emotions in a natural sense, empathize with others’ emotions, and pick up on contextual or body language cues. Their disability to understand their environment may also affect their relationships with others.

To help the ASD diagnosed person, there is some effort that a person with them has to put in too. Here are some of the things you can do to help the ASD patient.

Educate Yourself

Being with an ASD can be an effort-taking experience. But to make it a pleasant experience, for both yourself and the ASD you have to understand the behavioral cues that the ASD person is giving you.

If you have to be in contact with an autistic person for a short term, you may search blogs and articles presented online relevant to this condition. However, if you have a close relationship with an autistic person, you should consider subscribing to an autism parenting magazine to learn more.

A parenting magazine is not just good for the parents of an autistic child, but the experiences and articles in these magazines can also help anyone who is connected to an ASD person.

Understanding Their Challenges

ASD usually are aware of their deficient performance in social commitments. They face an extensive set of challenges because of their unique condition. One may start to be more conscious and caring around such individuals and start doing them favors.

These favors may negatively affect the self-esteem of the individual. Try not to communicate everything for the ASD, give them time, and let them do their tasks.

Parents often tend to make their children with disabilities dependent on them, which may be out of love, but it takes away the chance that; their children have of leading a “normal life”.

Autistic people can also join an academy to learn various skills needed to secure a job. There are many examples of people with autism who are living independently. With the increase in awareness, more and more businesses and communities have become autism-friendly.

There are supported housing schemes that may provide facilitation for the autistic community.

Note the Triggers

An autistic individual is not innately violent. The cause for their violent outburst might be ‘inappropriate’ external stimuli. Many ASDs do not welcome physical contact, loud noise, and bright lights. The uncomfortable environment and difficulty in conveying their point across; may cause a meltdown.

To avoid such situations, it is optimal to notice the behavioral signs of the autistic individual. Observe their behavior and note down what bothers them. Every autistic person is different from the other hence it may be better to ask them directly, but be wary that it might take them more time than you expect to answer your query.

Therapy Options

An autistic person can overcome their social deficiencies and alter their behavior according to their social needs. Several therapy centers provide behavioral management therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, early intervention, educational, and occupational therapy, these therapies may minimize the social deficiencies that an autistic person has.

If you are someone who faces the challenges of living with an autistic person, you can also join a support group. Going to a support group may make you realize that there are others like you. Sharing your experience and listening to others who go through the same thing may also help improve in dealing with ASD.

Sibling Interference

If you are a sibling of an autistic individual, do not keep your distance from your autistic sibling. It is found that siblings can have an impact on their autistic counterparts. A sibling embedded system can help understand and improve the well-being of autistic children.

The constant interaction with a sibling may ease the autistic sibling to work through their deficiencies and adjust to the social system better. As a sibling, you can gather descriptive data on the behavior of ASD, create an alternative social intervention, and note their response.

This will help you in the long term, you may be able to build a strong and comforting relationship with your ASD sibling.

Workplace Ethics

In case you work in an autism-friendly place, make sure you develop boundaries between the ASD and yourself. Developing boundaries certainly does not mean avoiding contact, instead, it means determining the manner of your communication.

For an ASD pursuing a routine can be very important. Going off schedule can be very triggering for them. Try to have an understanding conversation that successfully addresses the change. Give them choice in the matter of choosing a task. You may control the choices but let them make the decision.

Talk to your HR or respective authorities about how you may go about a task or interaction if you wish to avoid any inconvenience for yourself and the ASD. 


In conclusion, it is you who must put in a considerate amount of effort to overcome ASD. Often, we forget that autism spectrum disorder is a lifelong condition. Individuals who have to live with it go through a lot every day. Hence, it is upon the public to make the outside bearable for them. There are no treatments for autism, but it never hurts to treat someone with kindness and respect.


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