7 Smart Bathroom Technologies That You Need to Know

With the advancement in technology, bathrooms continue to get smarter, cleaner, and sleeker.

Considering that new real estate owners are now millennials, it’s no surprise that technology is the desired quality. Most millennials are looking for a home with “smart innovations.

This article focuses on bathroom technologies. But let’s not forget about the happening innovations that will transform homes.

A lot of gadgets currently in the market revolve around smart home automation systems. These gadgets allow users to control lights, security, and temperature. This and much more can be done virtually from a smartphone, even from a far distance.

Smart Bathroom Technologies to Know About

The bathroom is a very practical place. There are lots of technical wonders that have happened. These technological advancements have made bathrooms more comfortable, efficient, and fun.

The smooth bathroom technologies integrate the best of practicality. They also integrate luxury which creates an exceptional space. Let’s now discuss some of the bathroom technologies currently in the market.

Smart Showerheads

The innovations on showerheads have got to be one of the most useful. We have had decorative showerheads for as long as we have had showers. But with technology, shower sessions have been upgraded. Below are some of the showerhead technologies we can install today:

  • Spray controls – showers are obviously installed higher than the user’s head. So, changing shower spray functions sometimes present a problem. With smarter controls that are wirelessly connected, users are now able to change the spray function through a control installed on the wall.
  • Temperature control – everyone loves a shower. But not everyone enjoys it at the same temperature. Some love it warm while others like it cold. Outdated options only offer manual temperature control. With new technology, users can now digitally set the exact water temperature.
  • Water consumption monitor – as much as you love to spend a long time under the shower, you must admit that one factor you consider is the water bill. This is where this feature comes in handy. Some showerheads now come with a water consumption monitor to help you enjoy a long shower without worrying about your water bill.

Bathtub Technology

Bathtubs are one of the most in demand bathroom fixtures. The market in bathtubs is said to be around 7.6 billion dollars in 2019 and will blow up to 8.9 billion by 2027. That is why innovations are also being developed around it. 

The wide range of tubs such as an alcove, Japanese, or clawfoot tubs were merely water basins before. But technology has produced smarter bathtubs that provide convenience to consumers.

Here are some of the tub technologies that you can purchase:

  • Chromotherapy tubs – these kinds of integration promote full sensory experience through chromotherapy. It uses colored lights to help one relax and enjoy bath time.
  • Smart controls – the smart controls on tubs work similarly to those of showers. It provides digital controls of your bath experience. This can be installed in an alcove or clawfoot tub to provide easier water filling and even temperature control.

Smart Washer and Dryer

If you are one of those people who do the laundry in the bathroom, then this technology is for you. This bathroom technology connects to the internet and has smart home devices. As a result, you get to have a superior laundry experience. You can start and stop washing cycles. You can also opt to adjust the settings from your smartphone.

With this bathroom technology, you can push notifications when the cycle is ready. You can also do that whenever the machine needs maintenance.

The smart washer and dryer have features like auto-dosing. The features can detect the right amount of detergent required. They keep track of energy consumption. They can also auto-run cycles during off-peak hours.

Smart washers and dryers can be found in consumer electronic stores. Bathroom technology like this one will make your life easier. It helps to save resources.

Magic Mirror

The magic mirror gives users a chance to stay connected. It saves your time by integrating all the functionalities of a table with a water-proof mirrored screen.

Some people may say that the magic mirror is an overkill. Others take pleasure in the opportunity to catch up with what’s happening. They also enjoy catching up on the day’s schedule while brushing teeth or applying makeup.

The magic mirror is not exactly a smart mirror. There are mirrors with lights and anti-fog capabilities. This capability places magic mirrors firmly in the bathroom technology category.

The Sink Technology

A digital faucet is the latest tech in preserving water and going green. The digital faucets come with the following features:

  • Reduced tap flow and temperature control settings


  • The infrared technology. This technology can read the user and turn it off when it senses that your hands aren’t under the faucet


  • Programmable features. This includes timed shower settings or a teeth-brushing option

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is also referred to as floor heating systems. This technology uses thermal radiation to produce heat. The generated heat helps to keep your feet warm during the winter season.

This technology enables you to feel the heat faster compared to traditional radiators. The heat is also produced at a controlled temperature and is more comfortable. This heat can be felt throughout the bathroom.


Predicting where bathroom technology will be in the future isn’t easy. A lot of technological advancements have been building on what’s already in existence. Some of the technologies have been a result of refining an idea with more advanced techniques.

The future of bathroom technology may be unpredictable. But it’s not difficult imagining that the bathroom continues to turn into a place to escape to. This is without losing touch with what’s happening.

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