A Guide to Playing Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball is like having your own personal bounce house. With bubble ball games, every bouncy and bumpy game is rolled into one, be it bumper cars, sumo wrestling, and any ridiculously hyper game! People also sometimes refer to these giant balls as Battle Balls because these games are incomplete without bumping, falling, and rolling on the ground. 

A player steps into huge plastic balls that look like bubbles, but they can still jump, sprint, kick, and grab things. Can you imagine running around in a giant bubble ball wrap? Unlimited fun is guaranteed.

Guidelines for Bubble Ball

The bubble ball system is based on a game’s quarter, half, and period. Throughout each quarter, the objective is to score as many goals as possible within five minutes. For each goal scored in a quint, one point is given to that team. In five quints, the winning team is determined by point total.

Goals are worth one point in the first four quilts, two points in the fifth. The first team to win four quarters wins. However, tiebreakers are played when two teams are tied after five sets.

The rules for a bubble ball game stipulate that four players and four substitutes plus four runners must participate in each game. A soccer field is used for correct boundaries, and players change their positions on the fly. A timeout and an injury stop the clock, but the ball going out of bounds does not. There is a three-minute timeout period for each team, a protective knee brace is mandatory.

Games with the bubble ball

A match begins with the game ball in midfield and players no more than 20 feet away. Official BBA rules stipulate that competitors are not allowed to stand at the baseline or leave their line of scrimmage. Running with the ball in the penalty box is safe, but runners cannot run with the ball in their hands.

As soon as the bubble touches the ground, the players must release the ball. Running onside gives a runner the option to kick or throw the ball, whereas running offside means he or she may only kick and cannot shoot.

What can lead to violations and penalties in Bubble Ball Games

Like any other game, violating rules and foul play have consequences in bubble ball games. Whether or not a player has the ball, referees can give him free play. Those who receive five or more penalties will be eliminated from the game. In addition to penalizing players for illegal touching, pushing, placement, and scorekeeping, the rules also penalize players for misconduct and game delays.

Referees for bubble ball games consist of one center official and two side officials. 

Additional Information

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