Barbs Addiction

Barbs Addiction: What You Need to Know & What You Can Do About It

Do you like yellow jackets? What about blue velvet? Or maybe you love purple hearts or red birds? Hey, sounds like some innocent talk, right? Well, folks, this isn’t about jackets, hearts, or birds. We are talking about barbiturates or barbs. These are the street names of barbs!

Masking the deadly drugs with innocent-sounding names does not reduce their effects.

According to medical professionals at the New York drug rehab center, barbs carry a high potential to make a person an addict. Although doctors hardly prescribe barbs these days, people still abuse them. They use this drug to nullify the effects of drugs such as cocaine.

Do you know barbs have commonly used drugs for committing suicide?

Signs of barbs abuse

A few of the signs of barbs abuse include a change in emotional state or mood, euphoria, impaired judgment, confusion, slur in speech, and lowered inhibitions.

People who often take barbiturates seem to look tired all the time. Some may look sleepy or too relaxed in a given situation.

Drugs are not the answer to life’s problems

Barbs are prescription drugs. They are not supposed to be taken for recreation. Alas, thousands of people take barbs outside prescription to get a feeling of relaxation and elation. They fall into barbiturates addiction.

The happiness they experience after taking a barbiturate pill is short-lived. In fact, as experts put it, it is an illusion. This is not real happiness. Once the “high” withers off, you would again face the life’s challenges from which you wanted to escape.

Escaping is not the solution to a problem. Drugs often make you escape to “another world” for some time. At the same time, they destroy your health. They alter your brain chemistry. This makes it all the more difficult to face life without drugs.

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That’s the reason drug addicts are often oblivious to their surroundings and life’s situations. They hardly care about family and work responsibilities. They even lose track of time. This is a serious condition and needs urgent help. If you know somebody showing such signs, please call the addiction hotline immediately.

Stopping the use of barbs

When somebody stops taking barbs all of a sudden, their body goes into dismay. It produces strong withdrawal symptoms, which often make the person go back to taking barbs.

Some people don’t want to stop taking barbiturates simply to escape from the withdrawal symptoms.

But this can destroy your physical and mental health later in life.

The best thing to do is search for “rehab near me” and enroll in a suitable rehab program.

How rehab helps

In-patient rehab is the best thing to happen to an addict. Here, he or she gets all the necessary treatment required for long-term sobriety. The rehab program can be of 30, 60, or more days, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Rehab opens doors for a new life. No addiction is more powerful than your willpower. Strengthen your will and create a life without barbs or any drug.

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