Best IT Asset Management System

Companies in this era must be digitally rich to retain in Dynamic Environment. As we know the organization whether it’s large, medium or small are having to manage and track a giant amount of assets or datum than before ever. Tracking and managing IT assets are getting complex with complex cloud technologies, software that is based on the license, and continuous updates. Continuous turning out of employees from the company has lifted the data security updates. The asset which is bungled, lost, mishandled can leave the company with a critical hollow in its bottom line, and they land up spending twice than that of spending on their assets, it is where IT Asset Management Software comes into the picture, which can be helpful for a business to manage and track their assets effectively and efficiently whilst utilizing it at its optimum level and reducing IT and software costs altogether.

There is an abundance of software available in the market, but we have listed 6 best software with its usage capability:

  1. Manage Engine Asset Explorer: This software has mature technology with pinpoint rich toolset, which are easy to set up, responsive windows-style user interface and with fair price, on the other hand this software doesn’t have mobile application and it is not applicable for finite number of IT staffs.
  2. InvGate Assets: This software is also easy to set up, easy to follow wayfinding, problems pops up by Alarms and have also reasonable cost for mid and small sized business.
  3. Ivanti: Can work on mobile and desktop, responsive windows-style user interface, wizard can be set easily, processes and workflows can be customized, it has various tech support options on the flip side it has also some demerits like it doesn’t have cloud based service, time taking and heavy installation process, day in and out support service are available only on premium plan.
  4. Asset Panda: Dashboards can be highly configurable, scalable barcode and mobile app, images, videos and voice recording facilities are available, day in and out support services, on the flip side learning curve can be longer than expected, Non-discoverable network.
  5. MMSoft Pulseway: Easy to use mobile client, user experience is brilliant, iPad app have full access to its all features available, connecting to the cloud is easy, on the flipside it has limited reporting, it must be networked the managed network.
  6. GoCodes: This software is easy to set up, fair pricing, secure, physical stickers with detailed info, it can locate the assets which has power down, it can track non as well as networked assets on the flip side it is lacking detection of no software usage and it even can’t detect the assets automatically, reports are limited.

Hence we can say that the best IT Asset Management Software can be different for every company depending on size, or the number of employees works. But companies irrespective of their sizes must use the management software, otherwise, there may be a chance that datum can be lost, it may insecure asset as well.    

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