Best Understated Hulu Shortcuts That You Need To Try Today

Hulu is a popular streaming service that is used by audiences within the U.S. Although Netflix is the preferred choice, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus too, have left a strong mark on target audiences. Presently, Hulu hosts 40+ million subscribers, yet lacks the international reach, which is enjoyed by its contemporaries in the entertainment domain. Similar to other streaming services such as Netflix or HBO Max, Hulu also has various features that may seem ambiguous to the average viewer but may become clear after a while. The only sad thing about Hulu is that it is not as intuitive to use, as one would like it to be. However, plenty of understated aspects can be used to make the viewing experience slightly better on Hulu. Listed below are some Hulu shortcuts that you need to try today:

#1 – Utilizing the Hulu Widget on Your Cellphone

If you are one of those users who resort to watching their favorite streaming shows on their smartphone because their busy schedule does not allow them the time and energy to watch media content on the big screen. In that case, the Hulu widget allows users to continue watching content where they last left on the Hulu app. Widget settings can be customized on both IOS and Android smartphones. However, to make them work, one needs to be connected to the internet. Just make sure that you are utilizing one of the CenturyLink Internet Plans, which are known to be fast, reliable, and reasonably priced as it claims to be for the average user!

#2 – Add/Remove Most Viewed TV channels in Your Regular Lineup

This step applies to both your favorite TV networks and Live TV as well. Instead of searching your preferred network or favorite TV show every time you open the app, you can simply create a special list and add your top choices to the list. There is the ‘My Stuff’ list on Hulu, where users can add their favorites and preferred options. This way they will not have to remember where they last left watching and their options would appear on the homepage. This shortcut applies to the Live TV option on Hulu as well. 

#3 – Tailor Your Subtitles Accordingly

Similar to other streaming options such as Netflix, Hulu also gives the user the option to customize and tailor their subtitles on the content accordingly. They are given the option to modify the default settings such as formatting font text/color, background image, and even the appearance of the window to suit the current set of programming options. Make the adjustments and go back to your homepage. An important thing to note is that this formatting option is not available on older versions of TV sets, so check whether your device is supported by Hulu. These subtitle format changes are also available for web browsers.

#4 – Protect Your Precious Sight with Hulu’s Night Mode

This is a great shortcut for those who enjoy watching Hulu late at night. The Night Mode ensures that your eyes are affected by all that blaring blue light from the laptop screen. One thing to note is that this particular feature is available only for computers/laptops but can be used by the cast feature via Chromecast on Smart TV.

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#5 – Temporarily Put Your Hulu Subscription on Hold

This aspect is not only helpful but a timesaver, especially if you are prone to constant traveling for work purposes. Not only can Hulu users pause their monthly subscription but they can also choose how long they want to put their streaming platform on hold. Users have the option to pause their Hulu subscription for as long as 12 weeks max. Since this billing factor is manual and the user has to restart the cycle by himself, it is important to note that the billing cycle will be paused from the next cycle. Not the one you are currently in.

#6 – Disable the Auto-Play Feature and Clear Your History

We are so used to utilizing automatic devices that even a small set of manual settings look like labor to use. The Hulu Auto-Play option ensures that the user doesn’t have to worry about manually playing the next episode, making it one of the most used shortcuts on the service platform. However, this is not the only one. Clearing Watch History is another great shortcut, especially if you have the strong urge to declutter your online search results now and then. 

#7 – Use Your Smartphone as a Remote Replacement

This shortcut makes it extremely easy, especially if you have little kids in the house, who are often misplacing the various remotes. This one feature allows users to turn their phones into a TV remote control for their smart TV. Simply install the Hulu app on your phone and you are good to go! On a side note, these shortcuts can fall totally flat if your connection is glitchy and giving you trouble. If the usual techniques don’t work, we recommend that you get help from Xfinity Customer Service Number to get proactive support instantly!

Wrapping Up

A few things that users are advised to note. One, to enhance your streaming experience, the viewer needs to have steady internet service. If that’s not the case, then they will not be able to fully enjoy the perks of the digital platform. To amend the situation, contact the local internet provider and make your internet connection glitch-free again. Two, Hulu as a platform does not provide a consistent service across all devices. For instance, you may experience a certain issue in your Android phone, which might not be present on your IOS. That’s why it is always better to know which devices work without a hitch on the platform.

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