Essential Guide for Your iPhone Screen Repair

The retina display on your new iPhone looks gorgeous, doesn’t it? While you are immersed in watching content on your phone and admiring the vivid colours been displayed on the screen. You might not take into consideration how much an iPhone screen repair costs. For the uninitiated, replacing the screen of your iPhone. When it is out of warranty can cost almost half the price you paid for the whole device, even more.

If paying astronomical prices for repairing a device doesn’t concern you then this post is not for you. Apple can replace your screen, or any other faulty hardware for that matter if the device is under warranty or is covered by the AppleCare+ coverage. In cases like these, Apple charges a quite nominal fee for doing the repairs.

What Coverage Does Apple Offers

Apple provides limited warranty coverage for a year from the day you buy your device. It will perform hardware repairs for most cases if your iPhone screen cracks or breaks within a year.

You can extend this coverage to a couple more years by opting in for the AppleCare+ protection plans. Do note that while service allows you to fix your device at marginally low costs, you can only opt-in for it within 60 days of purchasing the device. In some countries, this period can be 30 days as well. The price for AppleCare+ protection varies for different models. It provides you with two repair services in case of accidental damage.

How To Know If My Device is Under Coverage

In case you can’t remember if your device is still under warranty, Apple has got you covered. You can visit the iPhone’s coverage page to check the coverage details. You can enter your device serial number and fill in the captcha code to get to the next screen.

If you don’t know where to find the serial number then head on to Settings > General > About > Serial Number and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

The next screen will display if your device is a Valid Purchase, whether you have any Telephone Technical Support Active and if the device is Covered by AppleCare Services. If your device is under warranty, both the services would have a Green Tick Mark beside them.

How To Set Up iPhone Screen Repair

In case you want to repair your iPhone. You can click on the Set Up A Repair option under the Covered by AppleCare Services. It takes you to a new page where you can choose which device you want to get repaired. Upon selecting the iPhone, it will ask for what kind of assistance you need. You can choose between Repairs & Physical Damage, Device Performance, Battery & Charging, Connectivity and more.

For repairing the iPhone screen, you need to select the Repairs & Physical Damage option. In that, you can describe what kind of damage your screen has faced. Once selected, you can either send in the iPhone for repair, take it to repair yourself, check prices for repairs or call the customer support executives later with your queries.

Apple gives you the option to either opt for a box sent by Apple or drop the device at your nearest UPS store.

What if My Device Isn’t Under Warranty

If your device is not under warranty, you can still choose to get it repaired from Apple. However, that will cost you a lot as Apple are known for their high replacement costs and service.

In This Technology era There are several third-party service providers. Where you can go to repair your device at a fraction of the cost. Stores like Rapid Repair are experts in dealing with Apple devices that can replace your broken screen in just a couple of hours. They also provide door-step pick-up and delivery for your convenience in times like these. It is advised, however, to go to these vendors only when the device is no longer under warranty or coverage of any kind.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

While your device might still be under warranty and you aren’t that worried about a broken screen, it is better to prevent the screen from breaking in the first place. There are several ways in which you can protect your device really well. Try using tempered glass protection over the screen along with a sturdy case to protect the device from any fall damage. Newer iPhones come with a premium glass finish on the front and back and can get shattered even after a small fall. It is better to be protected before rather than spending tons of money on iPhone screen repair.

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