Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat – All You Need To Know

In the world of everything digital, the latest technological advancement is smart thermostat. To be honest, they are not exactly as new as they sound but many of us are still adapting to these devices so they may still be new for most of us. 

Within the world of smart thermostats, the best ones that are in demand are those that are able to identify and measure temperature preferences in more than just one room. The smartest ones basically allow heating and cooling to be automatically adjusted and regulated in your home, with a focus on performing functions in the room that you are in – that also means they can detect whether a respective room is in use or not with their built-in mobility sensors. Most old-school, standard thermostats usually only regulate the temperatures of the rooms where they are mounted, but that’s not the case with the latest smart thermostats. The good news is the Honeywell Home collection, especially the T9 smart thermostat can do this, and much more. 


Smart Technology with Honeywell Home Smart Thermostats 

The Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat range is brilliant and comes highly recommended by several users across the country. With its best one being the T9 Smart Thermostat, here is a bit on insight into what you could expect with the particular smart thermostat.

It utilizes small, smart, wireless sensors which work remotely and can detect temperature adjustments to integrate it into their algorithms as part of data. It’s like having a multiple zoned HVAC device (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning). The T9 comes with one smart sensor with its box and can support up to 20 sensors with one smart thermostat. These smart sensors can be placed in any room to allow for temperature adjustments accordingly within every inch of the house. 

Meanwhile Google’s Nest Thermostat can only support 18 sensors, while the Ecobee Smart Thermostat can handle up to 32 sensors. In addition to detecting the presence in the room, and measuring temperature, the T9 smart thermostat’s sensors also have the ability to measure humidity. This functionality is available in its alternatives, the Ecobee and Nest smart thermostats but for only the primary thermostat models. 

The T9 has all the additional features you could expect from a smart thermostat. It supports a variety of HVAC system, can be controlled via a mobile app – the Honeywell Home app, which you can download onto your smartphone so that you have access even when you are not home (remote control feature), supports voice assistants namely the Google Assistant and the Amazon Alexa for voice control, and has the ability for time-based scheduling and also geofencing. You can even integrate it with your Samsung SmartThings platform, as compared to its competitive counterpart the Google Nest thermostat which isn’t compatible. 

However, when it comes to installation, the T9 does not include a wall plate even though the device is pretty easy to install and set up. It also differs in design from its competitive counterparts on the market. It is taller, less narrow, and vertically oriented. It comes with a touchscreen that is simple, quick, and easy to navigate. Depending on the shape of your current thermostat, you might need to do some repair work before you can install a T9 smart thermostat. And as you know now, given that a mounting plate to place the device onto is not included in the package, there may be an additional expense you may have to incur. 

Other than these minor concerns, the design is modern, attractive, and it is easy to install and does not demand high maintenance. It can detect temperature and sense presence too, and can also detect humidity levels which is a new feature for Honeywell Home Smart Thermostats. 


What to Expect From the T9 Smart Thermostat

Here is a comprehensive list of features you can expect from the T9 smart thermostat should you choose to replace it with your old one.

  1. The T9 helps cut back on energy consumption, as firstly users have access to their device straight from their smartphones so it’s easy to turn the device on or off from anywhere. Secondly, the device can be scheduled to work according to your routine and is also compatible with voice assistants enabling them to be controlled with voice commands too.  
  2. It offers multi-room focus, meaning users can control the temperatures in multiple rooms through its smart sensors.  
  3. It offers the option to adjust your thermostat from anywhere with your mobile and wireless devices.  
  4. The T9 allows the home temperature to be automatically adjusted according to the preferred heating and cooling temperatures that it picks up over time, to deliver the right temperature at the right time. And it also automatically adjusts temperatures using geofencing technology – which is location tracking of your device that has the Honeywell Home App downloaded.  
  5. The device is easy to set up and when you purchase it, all its required accessories come with the box including a power adapter – with the exception of the mounting plate.  


There are plenty of brands that have their own Smart Thermostats in the Smart Home market; two of which we have already mentioned above apart from the Honeywell Home range: Google Nest Thermostats and the Ecobee Smart Thermostats. All smart thermostats boast similar features, with the exception of some devices including some extraordinary ones to set themselves apart from the competition. Price is one factor that may make you think twice before purchasing a smart thermostat, however. But when a device brings with it long-term features and plenty of advantages, then why not invest in one for your home? 

To get the T9 Smart Thermostat for your home head on over to First Energy Home’s website today, and get a great deal on the device along with its smart sensors. 


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