How VPS in UAE would be your best web hosting choice?

In today’s day and age, a business website has a lot to do with the branding and growth of a business. Your business website acts as a gateway to your business for your potential customers. Through your business website, you can reach potential customers that would have not been possible otherwise. In this digital world, almost every business has a website where they sell their products and services to people all across the world.

You can only enjoy the fruitful benefits of your website if it functions at its best, giving customers a good user experience and reasons to come back to buy from you and a good functioning website is only possible with a good web hosting plan.

There are types of web hosting wherein you get a completely separate server for your website called dedicated hosting, another type is where you share the server with various websites called shared hosting. But if you want web hosting that is a mixture of dedicated and shared hosting then VPS in UAE is the right choice for you.

Let’s learn more about it.

What is VPS Hosting UAE?

VPS (virtual private server) is a type of web hosting where your website is hosted on a private virtual server, despite sharing a common server everyone has a separate part of the server that is not shared with other clients, all this is done with the technology of virtualization. The security level of a virtual private server is higher because the clients don’t share the RAM, CPU, and any kind of data with others. It is exclusive to them. 

In what ways is VPS Hosting in UAE beneficial to your business?

With the constantly growing digital world, a business website has become a must, and when it comes to choosing a web hosting for smooth performance of the website, VPS hosting is considered to be a popular choice. Let’s see the benefits it provides to businesses.

Better performance speed

When you choose VPS hosting, the speed of your website is much better and faster because you have a private server. So even if the other party’s server is facing an issue or is working at a slow speed, your server won’t be affected by it at any cost. 

Full control over the server

With VPS hosting you would get complete root access to your server. So you can adjust the server whenever it requires changes in order to meet your business website requirements. 

This is not possible in shared hosting as you share a server with other websites, so the choice of customization and flexibility is not available. 

Easily scalable

When your business starts growing, it is obvious that the traffic volume on your website will also increase so in order to tackle the increased traffic volume you would need a server that can handle that and work smoothly without affecting the website speed. VPS hosting lets you upgrade your plans without affecting your website’s performance.

Better security

With vps hosting in UAE, the fact that you have a private server protects your data from any third-party access. If another website is attacked by a virus, your data will remain unaffected. For additional security purposes, you can use a firewall for data protection.

Why should consider Serverwala’s VPS Server in UAE?


Serverwala is a web hosting and data center service provider that provides services like dedicated, VPS, Colocation, and manage services. Serverwala’s ultimate aim is to give its customers the best services at affordable prices with a 24/7 client support facility.

Chief features of Serverwala’s VPS Hosting UAE

  1. Serverwala vps in UAE offers its clients 24/7 support via skype, e-mail, live chat. Any technical problem is easily resolved with their direct contact system.
  2. They provide DDoS protection as their UAE vps servers are highly protected with supremely secured firewalls. The system is such that it detects the possible malware attacks beforehand and protect the data
  3. Ensures network speed of 1 Gbps so that users can enjoy high-speed network through safe and reliable connections
  4. Their UAE vps servers let users transfer data up to 10 TB monthly. This feature is available in all of their UAE vps plans
  5. They guarantee 99.9% uptime from safe networks at all times so that users never have to face downtime issues

Serverwala offers you all these features in their cheap UAE vps server plans.

Serverwala UAE vps Hosting plans


Serverwala linux vps use plans


serverwala windows use vps plan


There is a reason vps hosting in UAE is a popular web hosting choice. It is a perfect mixture of dedicated and shared vps. Vps UAE gives you server privacy like dedicated servers at a much lesser cost and it gives you better security than shared hosting. If you are looking to change your web hosting plan for your growing business then VPS hosting in UAE is a great option.

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