Questions to Ask Yourself before Kicking off Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential to engage your customers, but at the same time, it is daunting, especially if you are a novice to it. From getting people subscribed for your newsletters to putting your back into engaging them, many things can make it very challenging to make it successful. 

Many entrepreneurs think that email marketing has a couple of customers’ email IDs to send them promotional newsletters about your products and services. 

Well, it is not email marketing. It means providing your users with something useful and valuable that directly or indirectly converts them to sales. 

Conversion is the last process, however. Before that, you need to do a lot of work. If you want to make your email marketing campaign successful, you must ask the following questions.

How can you grow subscribers organically?

Your primary goal must be growing your email marketing list. The more subscribers you have, the better it is. The best way to have them subscribed for your newsletter is to create a pop-up that shows up just before they leave your website. 

To get them to insert your email id, you should give them an offer or incentive. This is a great way to encourage them to drop you an email ID. There are several other creative ideas to grow your subscribers’ list organically. 

However, never buy the list. Many people do it because this is a quick fix, but this will give you no results. This is because people will find your unexpected emails and will not bother to pay heed to them. They will either immediately unsubscribe or mark you as spam. 

How frequently should you send emails? 

The next question you must be wondering about is how frequently you should send emails. It is entirely up to you. There is no hard and fixed rule that you should send it every day or every other day. 

Before you decide the frequency of sending your emails, you should check whether your customers are engaging with the newsletters you are sending to them. 

If you send the newsletter daily, they may not have enough time to read every newsletter. Further, it is recommended not to bombard your recipients with such newsletters. 

Give them some space to breathe. It also depends on the type of content you are sharing with your audience. Use tools to see how many people are actively reading your newsletters when you send them and how quickly they all read that. 

If your newsletter keeps getting views for the first four days, sending another newsletter within that period does not make sense. 

For instance, if you are a finance company and want to send newsletters to your customers, you may have a wide variety of topics you can cover, like factors to consider while opting for debt consolidation loans in the UK, how to improve your credit score, etc. It does not mean that you will hit their inbox with a newsletter every day. 

How can you know you are not marked as spam? 

It is crucial to ensure that you do land in the spam folder. Many people just mark you as spam, and then you eventually start landing in the spam folder. 

The best way to stop is to stop buying an email list. Instead, you should focus on growing your subscribers organically. Secondly, you should make it easier for people to opt out of the list. 

If they no longer want to hear from you, they will unsubscribe instead of marking it as spam. This will reduce your email list, but make sure that you do not add them in yourself and get feedback. 

This will help you know the exact reason why they are leaving you. Make sure that you keep segmenting your email list and send the content that fits their needs. 

Your focus must be on providing personalized content to each user. With the help of tools, you can know who is actively reading your newsletters and who is not. Try to remove such people from your list yourself. 

How can you prevent your subscribers from unsubscribing?

You do not want to land in the spam folder, but you do not want to have your subscribers unsubscribing from your mailing list either. 

Though you are supposed to provide an easy option for your users to unsubscribe when they do not want to hear from you, you cannot tolerate if this is skyrocketing. 

Of course, you will have to do something to limit the opting-out rate. The best way is to provide engaging content to your users. Make sure that it is personalized to them. 

Tools can help you track the behavior of recipients, and on that basis, you can segment your mailing list to decide tailored content. 

Further, you should check the time of sending emails to your customers. You should send them at the time when they are free so that they can pay attention to it. 

How can you know the open rate and click-through rate?

To measure the success of your email marketing campaign, you should know the open rate and click-through rate. 

The former tells you the number of people who have opened your email, and the latter tells you the number of people who have clicked the link given in your email that leads to your product page. 

By investing in tools, you can get real-time insight into both rates. You should always ensure that these rates are high. This will likely increase your sales.

The bottom line

To make your email marketing campaign successful is not an inch, but you can easily make it in that direction. 

Although the purpose of sending emails is to convert your potentials into customers, it does not mean that you will not send value to your customers.

Before you create an email marketing campaign, you must have the answer to the questions mentioned above. It can help you grow in the long run. 

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