All you need to know about the rights of joint owners of IP (intellectual property)

All you need to know about the rights of joint owners of IP (intellectual property)

1. Introduction We have been witnessing more companies and organizations forming strategic alliances or innovative joint ventures, thereby increasing joint proprietorship of IP (intellectual property) a common sight. Joint ownership has been perceived as an accurate solution whenever multiple parties are involved. Nonetheless, such collaborations are not simple. Without the nitty-gritty of such associations, it … Read more

How CouponXOO Reached The Millenium Audience Online

The online marketplace is flourishing nowadays. It has catered a lot to people, especially nowadays, considering how a lot of products and services can be availed online as in-person retail has been quite ill-advised nowadays considering the pandemic that we’re all living through. Thus, generations of people browse and surf almost all digital brands and … Read more

Kraft Packaging: Importance, Trends, and Unique Designs

Kraft Packaging

Kraft packaging is a type of paperboard that has been coated with an even layer of hot-melt adhesives, then compressed and heated. Kraft packaging is a versatile material, most commonly used for food products. In this informational blog post, we will discuss the importance of Kraft packaging in the industry today, some trends in kraft … Read more