TikTok Video Ideas: Top 8 Tips To Double Your Engagement Rate

TikTok is the fastest-developing social media network worldwide at the moment. The video-sharing app has a wide range of videos, from makeup tips to dance/duet challenges. Users have no restrictions on the video types they may make, so brands and influencers on TikTok alike can be as creative as they want with their video ideas on the platform.

Are you seeking new TikTok video concepts? We’ve compiled a thorough list of the finest TikTok ideas to help you increase your followers and engagement rate.

Best Video Ideas On TikTok

Hashtag Challenges

Hashtags are widely used on TikTok since they are credited with the success of hundreds of thousands of videos on the platform. Several users on TikTok have become well-known as a result of their use of famous hashtags.

The hashtag challenges often comprise video content that is related to a popular trend on the platform. As a result, participating in a viral hashtag challenge helps to boost your TikTok visibility significantly. To make your video content stand out, ensure to implement your unique style to these hashtag challenges.

Voice Overs

Voice overs, a unique aspect of TikTok, are immensely popular among TikTok users. Users worldwide utilize this tool to show off their talents by making sound effects and amusing commentary. Voiceovers offer original video formats more meaning; therefore, this feature is excellent for entertaining TikTok concepts.

Produce Educational Videos

TikTok isn’t only for hashtag challenges and dancing trends. Many users use TikTok to know more about their exciting topics. For instance, many physicians and surgeons have become well-known on TikTok after contributing their knowledge in their respective sectors. They frequently offer advice to their fans and respond to issues and questions posted in the comments area of their videos. 

TikTok is especially a viral hit among teachers, who use the app to offer their expertise in many disciplines to their fans. It significantly increases the great engagement rate with TikTok hearts and makes the video content viral on the platform. For instance, many polyglots provide language learning tricks to their fans and employ visual effects like captions to help their fans learn.

Join Hands With Influencers

Influencers on TikTok have perfected the art of growing their following and increasing the number of views on their videos. They accomplish this by creating videos that are both genuine and unique. It might not be easy to develop your TikTok ideas because TikTok is flooded with millions of video content. That’s why many businesses choose to work with influencers, whose uniqueness is sure to attract a wider audience.

Come Up With The Tutorial Videos

The app has a lot of tutorial video content, which makes it an excellent TikTok video concept. Any specialist area may gain from the tutorial video content, whether beauty, hair, fitness or cooking. Tutorial video content is basic yet effective since they provide vital information about a topic in under one minute. For instance, Cooking videos frequently contain subtitles that advise visitors on how to prepare a specific meal. A list of items required to prepare a dish is also included in these videos.

Mention Events

Many users use the platform to start talks about current events happening across the world. In the last year, society has been confronted with political and racial concerns that have dominated TikTok discussions. Many corporations and influencers updated their profile images to the “Black Lives Matter” emblem during the Black Lives Matter peak to show their support for the campaign. You want to inspire your fans to express their unique ideas with you in your comments area if you start and join conversations regarding current events.

BTS(Behind The Scenes)

If you’re a business owner, try creating BTS(behind the scenes) video clips to provide your customers with additional info about your services or products. For instance, A small brand that produces and sells jewelry may show its followers how to build a necklace. These kinds of video content might help you get helpful feedback from your fans and other businesses in your sector.

Share Your Day Life

A “day in the life” content depicts a regular day in the life of someone. For companies trying to acquire an awareness of TikTok, it’s a fantastic video concept. For instance, making a handy video clip describing your work routine provides your audience with a better understanding of the effort that goes into your trade. Your target audience will also have a better experience of your product or service or product.

TikTok influencers also use the “Day in the life” video content to highlight their hobbies and personalities, allowing them to interact with their viewers on a profound level. Travel influencers regularly utilize life day video content to show their fans what life is like in different locations worldwide.

Bonus Tips

Dance Video Content

To produce dance video content on the platform, you don’t need to be a professional dancer. Dance videos are the most popular video ideas on TikTok since they are frequently used in challenges. If you’re producing dancing video content, you should incorporate your unique personal style to show that you’re confident and having a good time.