3 Cat Furnishings to Lift Your Kitty’s Spirits!

Cats are little ninjas climbing, jumping, and chasing things at home. Cat lovers have acknowledged this feline trait over the years and have provided their jumpy kitties with plenty of cat trees and an array of innovative cat equipment to keep their desire for action alive and kicking. Cat condos are one of the most common cat furnishings in a cat owner’s home.

Getting off the ground can be one of their favorite things to do on any given day. However, in their pursuit of indoor flying adventures, they can often get hurt, injure themselves, or meet with accidents. And that is one big reason why cat owners need to have pet insurance for cats. Cat insurance can cover your fur baby for accidents, unscheduled vet visits, diagnosis and treatment for particular illnesses, pet emergencies, and more.

A pet insurance policy is important, especially when you have a furry pet menacing around the home. While you are financially prepared for an adverse time, we have some simple ideas to transform your indoors into a kitty haven. First, learn why your kitty cat prefers to stay high up on furniture or other things.

Why do cats love to be high up?

  • Like other domestic cats, your kitty’s ancestors lived in the wild. Climbing up and down the trees was their way of life. So, cats are naturally programmed to be excellent climbers.
  • Feline species have been prey and predators since time immemorial. Therefore, high places potentially offer them tight security. Cats relax in those spots in times of distress, they will guard themselves in the high hide-outs when bigger animals pursue them, and these places provide them a vantage point to observe happenings on the ground so they can safely descend once the coast is clear.
  • Also, there can be a lack of privacy, free movement, and safe zones in a multicat household. To maintain peace at home, keep your sanity, and allow every cat equal access to resources, you must optimize the indoor space. Also, provide good highways, so every fur ball has enough spots for playing, exercising, relaxing, and having fun.
  • Cats display their social status by flexibly positioning (higher up or down below) themselves relative to each other. This happens when there are multiple cats at home.

How to transform indoors into a kitty haven?

While cat trees are traditional, there are many fancy products your kitty may love to use.

  • Window perch

A wide variety of window perches configured uniquely is available in the market. For instance, some perches have cat scratch pads; a few others operate like cat beds, cat cradles, etc. Contemplate your indoor space and assess the window where you want the perch fixed before buying one. Perches are workable options for pets living in small homes/apartments.

  • Wall perch

Create a combination of wall-mounted shelves. These shelves act like cat walking mazes or climbing towers. It is simple yet brilliant in providing your fur baby with physical and mental stimulation day in and day out.

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  • Hammock

Cat hammocks are pretty interesting. They offer vertical space, allowing your furball to relax, swing, and jump. One cat product helping your kitty deal with many things is a good investment.

It would be best to be careful when purchasing hammocks for disabled or older cats. These pets can find it challenging to get in, get out, and stay stable in the swing. More often, furry pets with disabilities or fragile bodies get stuck in hammocks and find it an arduous task to come out safely from them.

Your kitty cat may engage in several risky indoor adventures daily, which is why having the support of cat insurance is essential. Pet insurance for cats keeps your furry little one medically covered for accidents, illnesses and more (level of cover depending on the plan) and potentially minimizes pet health expenditures. So, why wait? Buy a policy now to help safeguard your savings.

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