5 Brilliant Ways To Protect Your Pets From Pests

Pets are one’s family. Caring for pets and finding the best solutions to their problems is a real challenge. Finding cockroach gel UAE to protect them from roach allergies is as important as finding the best shampoo for them to bathe in. Moreover, the immune system of pets is not as strong as that of humans. That is why you need special care for your pets to help them enjoy a good and healthy life. There are many household pests that are a nuisance for your pets. For instance, bugs and cockroaches, however, not all roaches are toxic for them but some can seriously harm them. At times, cats and dogs while chasing and playing, grab cockroaches and ingest them. Ingesting the bugs’ exoskeleton can irritate their GIT and can also cause them allergies. Other pests are ticks, fleas, mice and rats that can cause various diseases to your pets.

Before learning how to protect your pets from pests, you should know what types of insects can harm them.


Ticks are very common pests of pets. They attach to their skin through their mouth and suck blood. This sucking action can transmit various diseases to pets like lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever. If you observe ticks on your pets, then observe them carefully for the signs of these diseases. Lyme disease usually manifests as joint pain, lethargy, and loss of appetite. Whereas, vomiting, diarrhea, body swelling, and poor appetite are the symptoms of Rocky mountain spotted fever.


Fleas can make your pets’ skin red, itchy, and bumpy. Excessive invasion of fleas in your pets’ coat can cause serious allergies, and hair loss. Moreover, accidental ingestion of fleas by cats and dogs can lead to worm infestation in their body.


Similarly, mice and rats can also cause intestinal worms that can result in vomiting and diarrhea. Moreover, ingesting poisoned rodents can immediately kill your pets. Another common disease of pets caused by infected rodents is toxoplasmosis. It can seriously affect your pet dogs and can cause pneumonia, liver problems, and CNS failure.

Five ways to keep your pet safe from pests

Bathing and Grooming:

Bathing and grooming pets is highly essential to wash away any ticks and fleas from them. Ultimately, keeping them healthy and fit. Use a mild dog shampoo to bath your puppy twice a month or thrice in case they smell bad. A gentle massage and regular trimming of their coats can prevent ticks from hiding in there. You can also prefer using anti-ticks or fleas shampoo easily available at pet stores.

Maintaining Hygiene:

Bathing your pets is not merely ok, if you do not wash your pets’ toys, chairs, belts, and food containers. For this purpose, daily wash your pet’s belongings to avoid any kind of filthiness at your place. Remember to vacuum carpets and furniture to catch any ticks or bugs. Also, keep your pet’s left over food covered to prevent mice and bugs from approaching.

Examination for Pest Attack:

Since it is not recommended to wash your pet daily, you cannot know if it has pests. Therefore, it is recommended to observe and examine your pet for ticks and fleas on a daily basis. Take a look at those annoying cockroaches that always eat your pet’s food and putrefy it. After thorough examination of your pets, their belongings, and your home carpets and furniture, take necessary steps for pest control.

Controlling Pests:

  • Start by cleaning the source of ticks and fleas. Treat your lawn and mow the grass.
  • Apply cedar mulch to your garden’s soil to prevent ticks.
  • Clean your home regularly. Vacuum the carpets and furnitures daily
  • Use Advion cockroach gel UAE to prevent cockroaches. You can get this best cockroach gel UAE from Pest Control Shop or anywhere in the UAE grocery stores. This advion cockroach gel is a killer bait that you can use both indoors and outdoors. It is a broad- spectrum treatment that can target all types of cockroach species. So you don’t have to worry about identifying the type of roaches that is problematic.
  • Thoroughly clean your kitchen and apply advion gel in drawers, near your pet food, and in nooks and crevices.
  • Make a DIY shampoo for your pets to control pests. You can either add aqueous solution of vinegar or lemon to your dogs’ shampoo or use diluted essential oils spray as pests-repellents. Always remember to use repellents that are non-toxic to all your pets like cats, dogs, squirrels, turtles, fish, and birds.

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