Secrets are not just things that should not be disclosed to the world. They can also be messages and tips that can be disclosed only to people who are truly in need of it and literally deserve it. Most of the people with successful transformation stories have their own learning within their journey. For example, some might have been fully focussing on cardio and sweating as much as possible on the ground to shed those extra kilos. Later, they might meet a best friend or come across an online fitness coach who taught them the right and sustainable way to lose weight, where they can enjoy permanent weight loss. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie/beginner/an amateur in your fitness journey. These secret fitness tips, which are mostly taken from real-life experiences along with science-backed reasons are going to put you in fascination, and help you achieve your fitness goals. 


Most of us believe the fact that we should start eating less, give up all our favourite foods, limit the plate size, and starve to lose weight or even get fit. This has been a myth for so long, and to be honest crash diets can never work. Get access to the case studies regarding the participants of the biggest loser, a reality show telecasted on one of the famous TV Channels. You would find that most of the participants who lost drastic weight during the show regained the weight back after a few years. Thus, starving is never going to work to make you healthy, rather it can destroy your health by making you more weak, feeble, and prone to several diseases by reducing your metabolic rate and immunity levels. 

For those who may be able to safely fast according to their doctor, the following tips and this beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting aim to help make the experience as easy and successful as possible. This is the best alternative you have compared to other fad crash diets.


You might notice good results when you start your workout but slowly stay at the same levels even if you work out more rigorously than the initial stage. For example, your doctors might have advised you to shed down 15 kilograms according to your height and lifestyle. You create a plan, start working out and enjoy losing 5 kilograms in 3 to 4 months depending on your plan. Later, you might be struggling to lose even 500 grams because you do the same workout since the beginning of your fitness journey. You must challenge your body with different levels, variations, and intensities when you master the basic version. Only then, it could keep burning more calories and shedding down weight or might get accustomed to the new routine. Try to mix cardio, weight training, and resistance training. You can do your cardio in the morning while weights in the evening time. Go for an outdoor workout like swimming, trekking, hiking once in a while to enjoy your workouts.

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Do you think you should work out all 365 days in a year without any rest days to achieve your fitness goals? If yes, you are risking yourself for an injury during a workout. Rest days are highly important for the muscles to recover from their microscopic tears which occur due to the sudden change in activities and lifestyle. Unless you allow rest days, it cannot heal itself and grow stronger. If you don’t maintain a good muscle mass ratio, you would probably be prone to injuries while working out as you aren’t flexible and strong enough. Also, it helps your mind to relax and stay away from burnout, which ultimately keeps you consistent in your fitness journey. Thus, you deserve to enjoy 2 to 3 cheat days in a week depending on the level of fitness activity. In fact, a workout regime is never complete without proper rest days. 


Some people often start their fitness journey and follow exercises by watching random youtube videos or Instagram celebrities. They might have witnessed a transformation journey of a particular person, started to take tips from them, and blindly follow the same without any changes. You might not know their initial fitness level, hormonal levels, immunity levels, etc. One particular diet might have worked for a person, whereas it would not work for others. Never use the trial and error method when it comes to your body, especially with fitness. If you keep changing your diet and workouts without proper professional advice, it can be super harmful to your body leading to allied problems rather than solutions. Don’t compare someone’s day 100 with your day 1. Everyone is set to have unique traits, and function in a unique manner. Get a personal trainer on board, and invest in getting a fully customised diet and workout plan. 


Your fitness level is determined by various elements apart from the kilograms you weigh. Even some of the greatest fitness trainers weigh around 80 to 90 kgs, but still are fit and regularly indulge in workouts and exercises. So, a weighing machine or scale cannot determine your fitness level. Instead, the way you feel after climbing 3 to 4 flights of stairs, the immunity you have against diseases, the number of times you fall sick, the calories burnt, the number on your inch tape when measured around your waistline, the flexibility you have, the productivity you show at your work, amount of peaceful sleep you get, and other things determine your fitness. So, don’t check your weight every day or every time after you have your meal. 

Bottom Line:

Never fall for the myths in the fitness industry, and restrict yourself from reaching your goals. Before you do something or you quit something, try to do your research on the reasons behind it or get proper guidance from a professional fitness coach. Understand the purpose of a particular activity, fix it systematically in your life, set realistic goals, and achieve them with the right amount of time. There are no shortcuts, and even if there are, they might give only temporary results. 

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