8 App Features Your Mobile App Needs Today!

Planning to launch a successful mobile app? You might not be alone!

Google Play store has around 3.45 million Android apps, which means the competition is quite tough. To get high downloads, retention rates and make your app profitable, your app should have excellent user experience alongside reliable Android app development services.

Here are 8 app features you should add in your app for a better user experience.

1.      Guest Signup Feature

Users feel at ease when they don’t have to provide their personal information to an app. unless your app doesn’t require payment for premium services or in-app purchases, an Android app developer would always recommend not asking for details like phone number of address or credit card number.

2.      Mobile App Personalization

People love personalization. They like to set their own themes, backgrounds, and custom notifications that match their interests, and schedules. Facilitate your users by giving them custom choices for user interface and other options for personalization.

3.      Push Notifications

Push notifications act as messages that pop up in the notification bar. These push notifications can be about a sale or some bonus time running out, or a reminder to drink water or take a break depending on user preferences. Make sure you send out some push notifications, enough to keep your users engaged but not too much to irritate them.

4.      Offline Mode

Offline mode keeps your users connected to your app with or without WiFi or data. While this is good for your brand, it is also profitable. Users who browse on the go can come back when there is data and complete their purchases.

5.      Dark Mode

Dark mode helps users adjust their screen emissions to their liking. It prevents excessive battery and data consumptions. While this feature doesn’t boost the core functionality of an mobile app, it’s good to give your readers a choice so they don’t have to adjust their screen lights themselves. Apps like Instagram have given dark mode settings to users.

6.      Multiple Payment Options

If your app has premium subscriptions or in-app purchases, it is ideal you give your users omni-channel options to pay the charges. While your Android app development service provider can guide you better, you can choose options like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and so on.

7.      Image Recognition

Image recognition works on machine learning algorithms and can boost the user experience to a great extent. Especially for ecommerce apps, image recognition features can allow users to scan a picture of something they want. Then, your app can send suggestions of products. Amazon has image recognition features for product search.

8.      Mobile App Voice Search

Voice search is one of the best app features and it also works on natural language processing. It allows users to search for products, services and information by speaking in the microphones. This feature uses frameworks like IBM Watson and Google Assistant. Therefore, you can also choose to integrate a conversational chatbot to make customer care easier and convenient for app users.

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