ADU Rent Control In Los Angeles

When it comes to rent control, LA seems to be the main example of exemptions to the general rule of thumb. This can make it confusing to LA residents what rules apply to them when they plan to rent out their ADU. That’s why we put together this quick guide to ADU rent control in Los Angeles.

Rent Control Has Been Frozen

The pandemic negatively affected many people around the world emotionally, physically, and financially. To help ease the financial burden Covid brought to so many families, LA froze rents on all properties (including ADUs). This made it so landlords couldn’t hike rent prices at a time when tenants could barely afford to feed their families or the current rent. Although the world is starting to return to normal again, LA has yet to undo its frozen rent policy.

Due to this, if you are renting your house or ADU in Los Angeles, you will not be able to raise rent prices until LA decides to undo its frozen rent policy.

Types Of ADUs

Once LA decides to allow rental prices to be increased again, knowing what regulations apply to you is important especially if you are looking to rent out your unit to pay off your ADU costs.

If your ADU is detached, it is exempt from local ADU ordinances unless you are building it to replace a unit that was not exempt from local ordinances. If your ADU is attached to a home constructed before 1978, the house and ADU must abide by local ordinances.

If your detached ADU is older than 15 years though, it must abide by state law (AB 1482). If it is younger, it will not have any rental control laws to abide by. An attached house older than 15 years but built before 1978 will also have to follow California state laws but won’t if it is younger than 15 years.

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Different Types Of ADUs

As you might be aware, there are more than just two types of ADUs. So, if you are confused, a garage conversion and above garage ADU are both considered detached ADUs as long as they are not attached to your home. An internal ADU is considered an attached ADU under the laws laid out above.

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