Why Companies Should Use AI for Customer Experience

There was a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a novel idea and not a lot of people could have predicted how much it would evolve to become a part of our daily lives. In 2021, we are surrounded by AI devices in some way or another. Even the smartphones we carry all day are effectively small computers capturing our activities, recording what we do, like, dislike, listen to, or watch. AI has made a world of difference to business processes as well, especially when it comes to improving customer relations. AI for customer experience is completely changing the way brands interact with current and potential customers. Modern technologies are being used to not only transform the way business is done in many industries, but also to serve customers better and solve their queries efficiently.

Benefits of AI for Customer Experience

While AI plays a major role in the development and production of a product, using it in the right way can help enhance the customer experience as well. Here are some of the ways AI can help you serve your customers better:

Personalized Shopping Experience

Everyone wants to feel valued when they are shopping for something either online or offline. While a salesperson can take care of a few customers at a time, fulfilling all their needs, they are physically incapable of helping everyone who comes to your store. AI chatbots, smart billing machines, items recommendations, and an overall personalized shopping experience make the customers feel more valued and they can even end up spending more time at your store than they planned. ECommerce companies like Amazon and others are using this technique to show customers tags like. – “Things you might like”, “people also bought”, and “recommended for you”. These tags make the customer feel like the brand knows who they are, what do they like and what they are searching for. Not just eCommerce, this strategy is being used by streaming services, online video portals, car companies, clothing brands and more.

Improved Lead Generation

A major part of sales depends on the kind of leads that are generated. Not every lead gets converted into a successful sale, making it important for the sales team to generate appropriate leads that have better chances of conversion. AI technologies can come in handy in situations like this. With the help of data analytics and machine learning algorithms, an AI system can track the activity of a user to analyze what they like. What they are searching for and whether they can be a potential target for a sales pitch or not. Chatbots talking to visitors on a website, cookies capturing browsing history. Algorithms keeping records of products on the wishlist or added to cart, all come under the category of lead generation.

Better Customer Management

Sales representatives usually work with a lot of different clients at any given time. Managing every customer, starting conversations, keeping tabs on where they are in their respective customer journey. Or capturing sales orders can be a difficult task if done manually. With the help of advanced AI technologies, sales reps can efficiently manage their customer base. And schedule meetings based on the priority of the customers, their chances of being converted, and their customer journey. It also helps in accurate sentiment analysis of customers by tagging them as “excited”, “interested”, “frustrated” and more. This gives an idea to the sales rep about which customers should be prioritized and which customer might be a lost cause. And spending more resources on them has a high probability of not providing any returns.

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Proactive Customer Service

Customer experience is an important differentiator among companies and providing memorable customer service makes a brand stand out. Machine learning, predictive analytics and other AI applications can help your brand improve customer service efforts. They provide deep insights into a customer’s problems and can help a customer service representative solve. Those queries with past issue records, customer profiles, commonly used solutions, etc. Chatbots and similar AI solutions can help you solve customer problems even before they appear.

These chatbots can be placed in a certain area of your website where users often get stuck. And it can be populated with commonly asked queries as well as pre-emptive answers so that the customer can resolve the issue on their own. Reminding customers about the level of ink remaining in the cartridge, notifying them about dying battery power. Triggering an SMS if their account balance is below a certain level, all these come under proactive customer service. Customers make up the backbone of most companies around the world.

In this digital age when there are alternatives for every product. Providing a positive experience to customers can go a long way in establishing your brand. Adopting modern technologies such as AI for customer experience gives a certain edge to companies. That is not possible with manual methods. Personalizing the shopping experience, resolving queries quickly, offering proactive customer service, chatbots, and more. Can help you serve your customers better and boost revenue.

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