Allison Stokke: How did Jon Rahm Get Married?

During his time in the U.S. Open in 2010, he was rumored to have married his girlfriend Allison Stokke. He had been dating the fitness model for a few years, but the couple never got serious. In August 2017, Rickie Fowler proposed to Stokke while they were out on a beach. The two were married on the same day in Southampton, Florida.

High School Meet

The couple’s love story began in 2007. They met at a high school meet in California, and their romance became instant. In 2008, Stokke became the world’s best-selling pole-vaulting athlete. The next year, she became a sensation, and was photographed by a blog that objectified women. The picture went viral, and her name and face quickly gained attention. Eventually, she began a relationship with the singer.

Allison Stokke was born in San Francisco, California. Her parents are Allan and Cindy Stokke. They have yet to reveal their identities. The younger Stokke tried gymnastics as a child, and her older brother was also a famous gymnast. Later on, she took up pole vaulting, and found her forte in the sport. However, the couple decided to separate after she turned pro.

Pole-Vaulting Record-Holder

How did Jon Rahm and Allison Stokke meet? In 2007 she was the youngest high school pole-vaulting record-holder in the United States. The photo was shared on a blog that objectified women. While Stokke continued to excel in the sport, she was unable to make the London Olympics. During that year, she attempted to qualify for the U.S. team.

Allison Stokke was the American high-school pole-vaulting record-holder. Her photo was posted on a blog that objectified women. After that, she continued to be a top competitor in pole-vaulting and went on to attend the University of California, Berkeley. She attempted to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics. The photo also became a topic of discussion on several online forums.

Sports Industry

The couple is a popular couple in the sports industry. They are married to be married after a year of dating. She is a former high school pole-vaulting record-holder, and a top-level basketball player. While the two are not married, the couple did have a relationship for a long time. In 2007, she also dated former NBA star and actress Kristen Bell. The couple was engaged for a year. Afterward, she returned to her sports career, but did not announce the wedding.

Before he married Allison Stokke, the two had been single for about a year. The couple met at a meet in California and had a brief courtship. While they were dating, the two became friends. Despite the scandal, the two had a child, and they had a baby boy in 2011. Their son was born in 2009 and they later moved to Jupiter, Florida.

Rickie Fowler

After the marriage, Allison Stokke was photographed at a public event in New York in 2007. She was reportedly photographed with Rickie Fowler. Her picture went viral and soon after, the couple decided to move to Arizona to continue their relationship. She has since returned to pole-vaulting and is currently training under a new coach. There was also an alleged affair between the two.

It has been rumored that Allison Stokke’s relationship with Jon Rahm went through many complications. The couple’s first kiss was reportedly a romantic gesture. During their second meeting, she married a man she met at a party. The wedding took place in the New York City hotel, where she met the sportsman. During the first stage of their relationship, the couple met at a high school meet. Afterward, they fell in love and soon after, they got engaged.

Final Words:

Before their wedding, Allison Stokke was Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend. She described her experience walking down the aisle as a “lifetime moment.” As she watched her groom walk down the aisle, she was greeted by a huge smile from her father. The ceremony was conducted by Ryan Good, who kept it short and sweet. The couple’s first child was born in October 2017.

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