Distance Learning: All You Need to Know

What is Distance Learning?

Distance education can be defined as a method where students are able to undertake classes in the form of lectures and lessons that are mostly conducted through correspondence. In such situations students are not required to attend school or colleges and can finish their studies from the comfort of their own homes. However, it is important to highlight that the concept of distance learning has changed significantly with the start of online education.

The difference between regular learning and distance learning

There lies a significant amount of difference between the concept of distance learning and regularly. In case of distance learning the students are not required to go to a classroom to finish their courses but rather can be provided with the required materials and sit for an exam idea annually or within a gap of 6 months. However, in case of regular learning students and teachers are required to meet at a scheduled time on a daily basis. Here the classes are conducted with teachers directly communicating with the students and sharing the effective spread of knowledge.

The difference between distance learning and e-learning

The concept of distance learning however is also very different from the concept of online education or e-learning. The reason being that even in online education it is important that the students take classes using a technological device and the help of the internet. in such a situation the students and teachers communicate but with the use of an online classroom. Moreover, most of the online education or e-learning occurs through the help of best platform for selling online courses. In these cases it is important for students to make use of these platforms to enter the education portals and undertake classes.

Advantages of Distance Learning education

There are several advantages present when it comes to undertaking the process of distance learning. A list of the several advantages that it highlights has been given below.

  • One of the first advantages is provided that it helps in saving a lot of time as there are no commute time for the students because most of the learning is undertaken within the confines of the students home.
  • It also has flexible scheduling opportunities with the students only required to meet with their advisers and processes once in a month.
  • It helps in reducing social anxiety and is often considered to be one of the most effective methods of study for students who find it difficult to concentrate in the classroom due to social anxiety issues.
  • Moreover, it also ensures that the students are able to develop their own routine when it comes to their educational objectives.

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What is the major similarity between distance learning and online education?

Despite the several differences present there are also a lot of similarities present between both these concepts. One of the main similarities is that it allows students to undertake the knowledge and learning process from the comfort of their own home thereby making it easier for them to develop their own pace of learning. Moreover, both of these courses are considered to be cost effective, thereby providing better support to students who intend to develop a strong knowledge base.Moreover, considering the current situation of covid-19 pandemic the medium of of both online education and distance learning is being preferred by students to maintain the safety aspects. 

The Benefits provided to the use of online education has made it easier for students to fulfill their educational dreams so that they can also be provided with better opportunities to improve their skill sets. Despite the initial questions faced by educators regarding online course selling initially and the questions faced by students regarding whether it will be as effective as offline classes, in the current scenario the benefits have far out weighted the cost. It is because of this factor that online education ensures that students are provided with the necessary resources based on which students fulfill their educational objectives. Similarly, in the mood of distance learning the students will be able to complete the education at their own pace and thereby ensure that they can perform well in the examinations and under their degrees.

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