Fantastic 5 Free Google Review Plugins For WordPress

Google is a one-stop destination to search for anything under the sun. Irrespective of the fact that you want to search for different business ideas from beaches to brunch places, Google is the first choice of people.

After searching, people rely on the reviews for more authenticity.  Reviews not only help in selecting the best option but also aids many businesses in increasing their marketing arena as well.

Google reviews help in giving reliability about the brands and associations. 

 Just think what kind of huge impact goggle reviews can make if they are embedded on your website page! 

To maximize the audience attraction and involvement, embed google reviews on your website to boost the website’s authenticity. 

As a marketer, you must be looking for an eye-catching and affordable element to add to the website page. Here’s the list of fabulous five free google review plugins for WordPress. 

 Best Free Google Review Plugins For WordPress Website


A social media aggregator that helps in embedding google reviews on your website in a trouble-free manner. Tagembed is a remarkably compatible plugin that facilitates adding google reviews to your website and that too for free!

It offers a variety of features. To maintain the content quality of your website, it gives a content moderation feature as well. You can eliminate unwanted and irrelevant content from the web and choose to display only the premium quality review on the page. 

It also gives you a customization allowance. You can choose the design, layout, font, and background colour of your site. 

Some more features of the same areas follow:-

  • Coding free
  • Custom CSS
  • Responsive design
  • Easy to set up 
  • Real-time content updates 

Apart from all the features, the best thing is the well-structured support system. 

Everest GPlaces Business Reviews

This plugin allows you to display up to 3 business reviews and that too for free. It’s a fully responsive and shortcode-ready plugin that helps in enhancing your brand credibility.

Following is the list of features offered by this plugin. 

  • Access to create unlimited google business places
  •  Badge templates
  • Review templates
  • Cache settings 
  • Header templates
  • Advanced general options 

It offers a premium version as well that provides many more filters like show only 5-star reviews, back end preview option, language translation, and so on. 

WP Google Review Slider 

It is a  plugin that can automatically check for new google reviews every day.  You can show the reviews in a slider widget area or directly on the post.

Just like an image slider, it helps in creating the one for your google reviews too. If you wish to choose them in a responsive grid or in a list, this plugin aids in doing that as well.  As a brand, you would want your visitors to see only the best reviews. With this, you can display only high-rating reviews. 

Some more features of this plugin are listed below:-

  • Create multiple templates to be displayed
  • Display google reviews using a shortcode
  • Customizable display options to enhance the overall look of the website 
  • Custom CSS
  • Easily hide google reviews that do not include texts 

Starfish Review Widget

This plugin allows you to create and run marketing campaigns on the WordPress website. You can select many review destinations and funnels for vibrant campaigns or locations. 

Below is the list of the features offered by it.

  • You can check your overall rating on analytics. This gives you a practical image for your brand growth as well.
  • Auto forward to see the review destinations 
  •  Different customization
  • Available shortcodes 
  • Vertical and horizontal funnel layouts
  • Manage the feedback

Google Reviews Widget 

Google Reviews Widget helps you to display the reviews in the sidebar of the display page. The part is that it lets you save the google reviews in the WordPress database itself. 

This gives independence as you don’t have to depend upon services like google to showcase reviews in the widget. 

It is free of cost and gives multiple connections to google places. Not only this, it supports shortcodes and has an auto-update feature as well. 

To make the review section more attractive, it shows based on the reviews section. It also cuts down the long reviews with reading more options.  

Some more features of the same are as follows:-

  • It supports any page builder be it Gutenberg, Page Origin, Divi, or any other
  • Displays up to 5 business reviews per location
  • Allows you to display business place photo 
  • Even if Google is unavailable, it still works

Let’s Wrap it up!

Reviews play a prime role in increasing brand awareness and audience interaction. They work as strong social proof by providing the real statements of the users. As a brand owner, if you want to highlight your website, reviews are best to add on the latter. 

These were the 5 budget-friendly google review plugins for WordPress. Hope they helped you out in choosing the best one. 

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