How Are You in English?

How Are You

Are you having a tough time talking with people? Sometimes I feel like I’m not making friends. I would try to talk to a new person every other day, but I just can’t seem to open up the right way. The classic answer for most learners when they are asked how are you doing is: alright, thanks. And maybe you too.

How to Say How Are You?

It’s okay if your answer is pretty good and you feel pretty good about it. But isn’t there something you can do about it? If you have been asking how are you doing and you’ve found it’s pretty much the same answer each time, then it’s probably time to learn a few new things. Its possible answers are simply not what’s hurting you. In fact, you might be doing something you’re not even aware of that’s causing your communication challenges.


You’ve already learned how to talk to a person in the simplest possible language. And you have no idea how you’re doing that. So, maybe you need to learn another language like how are you in Hindi or two. It can help you jump-start any conversation and really get to the meat and potatoes of what the other person needs to know.

Type of Conversation

One surefire way to really start off well in any type of conversation is to use the English language (or, at least, the English spoken language). It’s not necessary to go through an intense amount of training. It’s fine if you’re already very fluent in a second language. However, using the English language can make you look more “put together” and can also build confidence by showing a person that you can follow through with what you’re saying and that you are actually making an attempt at being polite.

Another reason why you might want to do some additional studying is to open up new dialogues with your audience. It can be difficult to follow up on small talk. In order to get more out of conversations, you might want to consider asking your audience a follow-up question. For example, “Where did you see us on Main Street?”

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Conversations With Question

If you’re a writer, you’ll find that it is easier to have conversations with readers if you’re talking about things in the book. It’s pretty good if you can make a point and then bring it up in the body of the text. However, there’s no better way to start a conversation than with the question, “Where did you hear about us?” You can use the question as a perfect opportunity to show that you know the book or you can reference it at some point.


An easy conversation-stopper for any number of topics comes from knowing how to use your pronouns correctly. There are times when you will have to use a formal or even informal address when talking to someone. It is important to not use words like “you,” “yourself,” “himself” or “it.” Instead use third-person pronouns such as “itself,” “we,” “us,” “our” and “myself.” You may find that you are corrected more often by correcting the person using the proper form of address than you are the incorrect form.

Native Speaker

Of course, asking how are you in English is just one of many great tips for learning how to behave properly in the English language. The other tips are also useful and will help you be a better guest speaker. Being polite is always important in any situation. But you must also remember that you are speaking to a native speaker and if it becomes necessary, you will want to practice your skills with a good polite teacher.

Online Course

An online English course has the advantage of being available whenever you want to learn. Some people cannot attend regular classes because of work or family obligations. This is another reason you may need to use an English online course. You don’t have to worry about taking a late-night class at a strange time of day. Your lessons are available at any time of day or night – even on your weekends.

Ability to Communicate

When you have the opportunity to receive instruction in the way of proper speaking and proper usage of the English language, you will be well on your way to learning English in a short amount of time. You will be ready to answer any question anyone may throw at you and will sound very confident. You will feel more confident in yourself and in your ability to communicate with others.

Final Thought

So how are you in English? That’s just a question you may be asking yourself every time someone asks you a question in English. By answering your own questions you are already well on your way to mastering the skills of proper speaking and conversation in the language. It will not be long until you are able to conduct proper conversations with just about anyone.

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