The Official Step-By-Step Guide to Custom Boxes with Logo

The footwear manufacturing industry has started to grow on a large scale. These days people have started to build their brand given the popularity that it has gained. Many people have been drooling over new shoes like ADIDAS Superstar or the new Jordans that are launched regularly. People are also willing to spend hefty amounts of money on a new pair of shoes just because it makes them feel better. So, why is that true?

The reason is again in popularity. People drool over brands because these specific brands have marketed themselves to the point that their users are considered classy. While an intricate marketing plan is essential, what is more, important is that the look of the product when sold is up to the mark. 

Setting up the look is not only confined to the way that the shoes look, but also towards how they are packed. People might now consider the fact that packaging plays a huge role, however, it is ultimately true.

Setting up a story

Before diving into the specifics of how to design and style your customized shoe boxes, you need to understand and elaborate on the proper story of how your brand came into being. This will help your packaging company in setting up a proper theme where they will be able to display the brand story more effectively in their custom boxes. 

So, when this is the case, opt for H5 Packaging. Not only do they have the best customer support, but all the service providers there listen to every detail that you have to say to perfect the right custom shoe boxes. 

Set audience according to the product 

Once you have selected the right words to display the story of your brand, the next most important thing to custom boxes with a logo is to select the target audience. This will help in running a successful marketing plan and will make the product sell faster. A precise target audience will let you select the campaign in a much better manner. 

Setting up the custom boxes

Essentially, once you have submitted the relevant details to your packaging company, they might give you a few samples to look at and see where you could go from there. One thing is for sure, that it does not matter what dimensions you choose, as long as the same remains the same. 

Logo Placement Accuracy.

Once the packaging company has come with an appropriate design, next comes the essential part, placement of the logo.

  1. The logo should neither be too big or too small to notice
  2. The logo should never overpower the design of the boxes
  3. Adding a tagline under the logo makes it have a clearer brand identity. 
  4. The color pattern on the box and logo needs to be in alignment. 


As discussed, earlier packaging companies, many of them do not give the option of proofing. This is a very crucial; step. Once everything is settled, go for proofing your customized shoeboxes with 2D, 3D, or physical sampling so that you will have a clear idea of what it might turn out to be in the end. Sometimes, Shoe manufacturing industry owners do not usually pay much attention to how the box looks but trust us! It makes a lot of difference. It will show the clients that the brand owners care about quality more than anything else. 

Make unboxing a fun experience

. Making custom boxes with logos has a lot more pressure because everything needs to have an aesthetic. So, you can add colors or straps or anything that can build the aesthetic of the shoe box. The main reason is that you always want your customers to tag you in their social media posts along with a fun unboxing video. This will increase popularity and will in turn boost sales. 

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