Tips for Choosing Marble Countertop Installers

Undertaking an improvement project as a homeowner can make you feel like you’re in over your head, with all the moving parts. When investing in expensive fittings like marble countertops, you have to get it right.

If you ask us, the right fabricator will make the difference between a successful project and one that becomes a frustration. Not only will they install the countertop, but they can also guide you during the marble selection. Consider the following tips for selecting a contractor that will be a great fit for your project:

1. Get a Fabricator Near You

Begin the installer selection process by researching companies or experts that deal with marble in your area. These are more likely to pay greater attention to the quality of service and will want to perfect their results to increase their reputation.

A simple online search using a search term like “Best Marble Installer Near Me” should suffice. Make sure to get around 4-5 potential companies near you so you can choose from there. If you’re looking for the best place for Marble countertops in Indiana, starting with The Granite Shop would be a great idea. They are experts at installing marble countertops and they’ve got a physical location in Indiana where you can pop by and see what they’ve got.

2. Get Trustworthy Recommendations

Think searching will take too much time that you simply don’t have? Then a quick recommendation from a trusted source like a family member or friend may get the job done. As long as the source you’re seeking the recommendation from has a marble countertop that you like, then you’d be good to go.

But make sure to check out the most recent reviews and ratings of the fabricator to make sure that they still have it.

3. Arrange an Interview With Each Candidate

If you’ve picked out a couple of potential marble countertop installers in your area, have a physical meeting with all. In case you can’t have a physical meeting, a phone meeting would also get the job done, but make sure to list all the questions you’d like to ask before getting on the call.

Crucial questions to ask include:

  • How long have you offered your services?
  • How and where do you train your installation crew?
  • Do you have samples?
  • Any testimonials?
  • Do you fabricate and install or is it only one of these?

You may add a couple more questions to the above list to ensure that you’ve got everything you’d like to know about the company.

3. Check Out Their Portfolio

A rich portfolio with real photos and contacts of past clients who don’t mind being called to ask about the quality of service is a good sign. Such a portfolio means that the installer is confident in their abilities and is ready to help you clear any doubt.

4. Visit Their Showroom or Facility

Some fabricators may offer to visit your home in person and bring a sample so you can be sure. This sounds convenient at first, but it’s not always a good idea. The sample may be slightly different from the real deal, and the only way to make sure that it’s not is to stop by the installer’s physical location.

Besides, visiting their shop is a good way to check out what more they have to offer, just in case they have unique products that may interest you.

5. Request Detailed Estimates From Different Fabricators

It’s advisable to get a couple of detailed estimates from about three to five fabricators that seem to be a good fit. These estimates will be an additional guide when making your final selection.

While studying the estimates, make sure to watch out for hidden costs. Ask the contractors to include the fine print so that you can scrutinize that too and ensure that there aren’t any dodgy terms.

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To Sum It All Up,

Choosing the right marble countertop installer is all about paying attention to the tiniest bits. Often, the seemingly trivial factors are the ones that ruin your project and make you wish you’d spent more time doing your research.

So don’t leave anything to chance. If you’re not sure, ask and research more. It’s always worth the time and effort, especially when undertaking an expensive project.

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