Albeit electric vehicles are not that common in India; there still is a large sum of people who prefer using electric vehicles over fuel vehicles.
An electric vehicle charger is an equipment that is connect to a vehicle. And draws current from a 240v source and transfers it to the vehicle. As reported in March 2021, there is about 1800 electric vehicle charging stations in India for about 16,200 electric cars. However, there is an enormous requirement for portable electric chargers. To avoid any misfortune of the vehicle running out of battery. Fortunately, at present, a lot of EV charger suppliers are available who also provide portable chargers. The best part of a portable electric charger is it is wholly affordable consequentially; a person can easily purchase one without causing a hole in the pocket.

An electric vehicle works the same way as would a normal vehicle, but instead of the gas it uses electric current to run that is produce from hydrogen gas. Consequentially, an electric vehicle is a better choice not only it is environmentally friendly but is also pocket friendly.
What all to notice when buying an electric vehicle charger?
Buying future-proof EV chargers- While purchasing an EV charger, always deliberate on the fact that if your vehicle requires a 16 amp current now, it may require a current of 30 amp in the future. It would be more beneficial to be prepare for the future rather than to buy the EV charger again.

Whether to buy a hard-wired or a plug-in? A hard-wired electric vehicle charger is fix in a particular place. You can install it in your garage and it will be permanently fixed there with the electric supply. But with the plug-in EV chargers, you can plug them anywhere. However, remember to plug the charger where the receptacle can provide enough current without causing overloading.

Cable length

A standard cable length of electric vehicle chargers is up to 16 feet. However, it is advisable to buy a charger with a cable length of about 25 feet to ensure connectivity even if the plug is far off from the vehicle’s charging point. Sometimes you might need to charge your vehicle in a place where your car cannot fit, this long cable lengths come in handy.


Always buy an electric vehicle charger that has undergone tests and passed all the safety measures recognized by the ministry of power in India. The electric vehicles draws a lot of power from the electricity supply to charge itself which misfortunately can be menacing. Most of the electric car manufacturing companies in India provide you with certificates. But if it doesn’t, think again before buying from that company.

Considering all the consequences and your requirements, conduct a proper survey taking your time to buy an electric charger. It is a one-time investment for the long run and you do not need to rush and regret your decision later. Try going to the physical market and asking for a live demo of the working of the charger.

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