Casie Colson Baker: How Long have MGK and Megan Been Together?

The two have been linked to each other since May of 2020, when the two were photographed holding hands in Los Angeles. They have been separated since then, but are believed to be on good terms. The actress is also the mother of his 12-year-old daughter, Casie. Both are still single, though their relationship was previously considered as a relationship. While MGK’s relationship with Emma Cannon is over, the actress and actor are expected to start a family soon.

Megan & Machine Gun Kelly

It’s unknown if Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have been together, but there have been a few public appearances of the couple. On Sunday, February 20, MGK attended the NBA All-Star Game in San Antonio. One of his teammates, Paul George, mistakenly identified the actress as the NBA’s wife. The two quickly laughed about the situation, and reunited at the game.

MGK and Megan aren’t married, but they do share a daughter, Casie Colson Baker. The two met at an early age, when he was only 18 years old. The two later began dating and welcomed a child together. Although Megan isn’t married, she’s a great aunt and a great help to her dad.

NBA All-Star Game

MGK and Megan’s relationship seems to be on the rocks. In February, the pair were seen attending the NBA All-Star Game. During the game, a mistake was made by an announcer. The couple were reportedly laughing about it and enjoying the game together. While they haven’t yet announced their engagement, they’ve been sharing photos on social media and Instagram.

After announcing their engagement, they’ve been keeping their relationship under the radar. The singer and actress met at a Blink-182 concert and dated briefly. They have a son named XX, while a daughter named Casie is born to MGK’s ex-wife, Emma Cannon. The couple’s baby is not a celebrity.

Holding Hands & Chatting

The couple’s relationship is not a secret. They’ve been spotted at numerous events and have appeared together in public. In February, MGK and Megan attended the NBA All-Star game with his daughter, Casie. During the event, the two had “awesome” PDA. They were spotted holding hands and chatting as they arrived.

They have two daughters, Casie Colson Baker. MGK’s daughter was born in 2009 and was born at the same time as her father. They are known to be close friends, and their daughters have a daughter in the entertainment industry. They’ve also been in the spotlight. During their time together, they both look adorable on Instagram.


MGK and Megan are not married, but they have a daughter who shares their name. She is the mother of his daughter, Casie Colson Baker. The couple are openly pictured together. In February, MGK shared a photo of the two at an NBA All-Star game. She was accompanied by her daughter, who was wearing a black dress with gold chain.

MGK and Megan Fox have been linked since the year 2020. They have three children together: a daughter and a son. Both have a daughter. If the two are dating, it’s likely they have kids. The relationship is very serious. They share their daughter, Casie. They both work and are committed to each other. They are openly friendly and love their children.


The couple met at an audition for Blink-182 in 2013. They were spotted together on the set of the concert while they were in the studio. In addition to their daughter, they share a daughter named Casie. Their relationship has been rumored for almost a year. The two are a couple who started dating at the age of 18. The actress had been in the spotlight for her first movie, ‘Twilight’. She is a former ‘Bad’ star here.


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