Sara Waisglass: Who Played Morgan Ortega on Private Eyes?

What were the roles played by Sara Waisglass and Paul Randolph on “Private Eyes?” The show debuted in 2002 and lasted until 2007. Since then, the cast has included Sarah Waisglass, Michael Thomas, Evan Parke, and Frankie Jones. The series is still active, but there are currently no plans to renew it. For the time being, fans can enjoy the series’ past episodes and look forward to new episodes.

Cast of Private Eyes

The cast of Private Eyes includes: Sara Waisglass, Michael Dornan, Martin Frank, Donnie Wahlberg, Travis Scheldt, and Anja Franke. Some of the show’s stunt doubles are: Martyna Wesser, Christian Viehmann, Joachim Kretzer, and Franz-Xaver Kringer.

Jeff Pomerantz: As Dave Franklyn, Morgan was portrayed by Paul Dano. In 1972, Sara Waisglass and Jeff Pomerantz were the two main actors for this role. Despite the fact that it was the actresses’ first role on a major TV show, they were among the few to work together. While many of them starred on the series, most acted in a single episode.

Who Played Frank Staller?

The main roles in Private Eyes? were performed by Andreas Zimmermann and Anja Franke. As Morgan Ortega, they played the roles of Ayesha, Trabbi-Besitzer, and Dr. Konstantin Evers. The show was directed by Joachim Kretzer, who directed two episodes in 2008, one episode in 2011, and Franziska Pohlmann. The series ended in 2018, and the series is still on air.

There are no cast members who have starred on the show. The main characters are Sara Waisglass, Thomas McGregor, and Martin Frank. The series has also featured a host of guest stars and regulars. The series’ plot revolves around the three main characters, a seasoned detective and a novice. Who played Morgan Ortega on Private Eyes? ?┬ápara: The show’s recurring cast included Frank Alessi. He starred in several episodes, and David Kazalian appeared in one episode. Throughout the series, he had a brief role.

Female Co-Star of Series

Anja Franke was the second female co-star of the series. She starred in the show’s fourth episode. The show’s second season was directed by Holger Franke. Ayesha and Morgan had a brief history in the 1980s. While their roles remained relatively unchanged, they had a few episodes. In 2004, Anja was replaced by John Konig as her stunt double.

Dave Franklyn

The actress who played Dave Franklyn appeared on the series in the first season of the series. Her role in the show was played by Paula Pomerantz. The latter also appeared in the second season. Several other characters starred on the series. The first season of the show featured an appearance by the famous German actor Holger. Besides the actors, there are many other supporting roles. The actresses who appeared on the show were the finalists for Golden Globe Awards.


Among the other characters who appeared on Private Eyes? are Christina Franke as Ayesha and Martin Wiseman as Frank Staller. In addition to Morgan Ortega, there were other characters like Herbert Kofer, Hans-Xaver Kringer, and Martin Franke. The actors who starred in the show were known as stuntmen. The actors also had their own stuntmen, but none had a prominent role.

Sara Waisglass starred as the protagonist. Other characters in the series include Francie Becker, Herbert Kofer, and Karl-Arnaug. Among the actors who appeared on the show, Joachim Kretzer and Anja Franke. At the same time, the latter’s character Franke was a regular on the show. And the actors who appeared on private eyes? regularly served as camera assistants.


The role of the main character, Frank, was played by Frances Foster. Earlier, Francis Maguire played the role of Frank. Moreover, the show also featured Francia Raisa as a Morgan. In the series, the actresses starred in two episodes in the early 1970s. Similarly, the actors who played the roles of the female characters portrayed in the series are mainly French.

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