Eradicate Your Medical Issues With Our Health Astrology Predictions

Ananya Sharma is a hard-working lady from Jalandhar. Yet was trapped in an incurable and unpredictable disease. Her parents tried many methods. It is to help her improve her Health problems. But the results from all their efforts were in vain. After using our medical astrology techniques, they got benefitted. Now Reena is again back to her healthy lifestyle.

Not only Reena Sharma but Sachin Shah from Uttar Pradesh. Lipsita Verman from Chennai. Praful Dev from Kolkata., and many more got benefited. That too from our medical Astrology reading predictions.

If you are also suffering from a very deadly disease, it’s time to say goodbye. That is possible by availing our facilities. We hope to bring you out of the prolonged grief of your medical issue in a short period.

What medical astrology does to resolve your medical issue?

Medical astrology is a branch within the study of astrology that deals with health issues. Each zodiac sign and planetary transitions are responsible for many diseases. So it would not be wrong for us to say that a native’s natal chart is essential. That will predict when and how a person will be affected by a disease. Doctors can only protect the type of disease. But with accurate astrology help, you can know your body. As well as how long your body will register such type of acute or chronic disease.

So how does the planet and birth chart predict a medical issue?

The sixth house on a person’s birth chart represents the house of sickness. Similarly, the eighth house depicts surgery death, and the twelfth represents hospitalization. If the Lord of the 12th house transitions into the 6th, the home of disease is fatal as the person is said to have a prolonged health problem coming in his way. If the Lord of a particular Nakshatra will occupy the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, it is very grave.

Then it is a definite fact for a person to have many such types of medical issues at a time. If the Lord of the house of the ascendant constellation is the prime factor of the 6th, 8th, and 12th house, it impacts badly. Then there are also chances of a long period of hospitalization. Such a type of health issue can only be depicted by a capable method. That is the traditional method of health astrology prediction.

Know how planets are responsible for medical issues related to specific organs

  • Sun handles – Heart spinal cord brain eyes and vitality.
  • Mercury handles- Brain tongue arms, hair, lungs and nose related problems.
  • Venus is a significant planet related to- Internal organs ovaries complexion veins, throat and Kidneys related medical issues.
  • Mars handles- External body parts migraine bile muscle rectum-related health problems.
  • Jupiter handles- Arteries hip bones feet Liver and thigh related problems.
  • Moon is generally responsible for- Health issues found in women.
  • Saturn planet relates to-.Bones ears joint knee pain teeth and skin problems.

Thus, based on this Vedic knowledge, we perform calculations.

We plan an accurate account of your medical issue perfect for you

Medical astrology is a very vast subject under Astrology predictions. It is not a new field under Vedic astrology, but it has been there for ages. Various Rishis in ancient times used medical astrology techniques. They dealt with diseases like depression, diabetes, Hysteria, etc. We guarantee that the methods and predictions prescribed under our medical Astrology are genuine. These predictions are more effective than any surgery. This astrology can give you accurate predictions on any medical issue. This disease can be either acute or chronic.

How do we predict medical issues by Vedic knowledge?

Our astrologer had been working in the field of medical astrology for years. Thus we come up with an accurate report for you based on your birth details and Vedic knowledge. All these processes of producing an accurate natal chart of a native. That is carried out using Technology. Thus we guarantee you 100% yielding predictions. Along with recommendations to improve any medical issue at your convenience. These predictions using online will reach you at your fingertips.

Know how medical astrology benefits in case of prolonging medical issues

  • It helps to predict diseases according to your planetary transition before happening. It allows a person to make appropriate rectification and avoid such circumstances.
  • Medical astrology also helps in providing people cure their life-prolonging medical issues. These predictions are now made accurately. That too by fastest means for most significant benefits of the patient.
  • This kind of prediction serves as a Ray of hope even where medical Technologies have given up.
  • Such predictions by our astrologer on your medical issue will help you. They will improve illness by combating the spirit of the patient.
  • It helps to suggest proper memory material measures. To correct any underlying health problems without using much energy. The remedies and Recommendations told by our side are very effective. Thus, they do not negatively impact the patient’s body and only work for the betterment. These remedies are generally straightforward to be performed to provide the most significant benefits.

How do we use the information of the ascendant in resolving your medical issue?

The degree of rising of a person’s ascendant is significant. It helps in judging the health of the person shortly. The strength of the body and its power of reducing diseases can be accurately calculated. That is by a person’s birth chart. A person suffers health problems if Lord Ascendant in the constellation is the deciding factor. That is in 6th,8th and twelfth positions of his birth chart. If The Lord of ascendant is incompatible with the 1st and 11th position of the birth chart, it is fatal as the person will leave a pleasure of good health.

This type of basic knowledge is mainly included in our health predictions. A report based on years of experience made in a systematic format. Along with specific recommendations for you.

How Different zodiac signs help to predict medical issues?

A person’s medical issue and type can also be predicted with the help of 12 zodiac signs in astrology. They help us to predict the nature of the disease as follows-

  • Aries helps in predicting- Head brain and face acne-related problems.
  • Taurus helps in predicting- Throat neck and lips related problems.
  • Gemini is responsible for predicting- Long shoulder arm joint and hand-related problems.
  • Cancer constellation predicts- Stomach breast test and go and reach related health problems.
  • Leo depicts- Problems with heart, spinal cord, wrist and forearms.
  • Virgo is responsible- To protect intestine lower spine, spleen and finger related problems.
  • Libra handles- All kinds of health issues are related to the skin lumbar region and Kidneys.
  • Scorpio relates to – Urinary internal organs and digestive system and nose-related problems.

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