Faux Plant Craze Returns in 2022

Plants Hanging in the Office Will Inspire

It’s 2022 and we’re learning to live with the pandemic – the whole world is hoping that this is the case so that we can return to some form of normality (even if it’s a new normal). During the pandemic, people all over the world came across lots of new trends. While it was crocheting for some, others turned to faux plants…and this craze will continue in 2022.

Finally, faux plants are getting the attention that they deserve. As well as plants and flowers, you will also find faux vines and garlands. In truth, there’s something for everyone in this niche. While some want to add some bright colors to their home, others want to bring greenery to their office space.

Over the years, many different studies have shown the power of plants in the office. For example, they help to:

  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce stress
  • Make workspaces more attractive (for new and existing workers)
  • Reduce absence rates
  • Increase creativity

What business owner doesn’t want to enjoy all these things? However, the problem with real plants is that you need to provide the right maintenance if you want to continue enjoying these effects. As soon as you stop watering and caring for plants, their appearance changes. Suddenly, your plants are having the opposite impact in the office. Nobody wants to work in an office where all the plants are dead and gloomy – this will transfer to the atmosphere.

One of the reasons why the faux plant craze is returning in 2022 is that you don’t need to worry about maintenance. You choose the designs and styles that suit the office and then sit back as they brighten the lives of your workers for many years. You don’t need to worry about watering, and you don’t need to worry about their appearance changing over time.

With faux plants, there’s no need for a watering rota (which some people inevitably ignore!). What’s more, you won’t lose business hours just trying to keep them alive.

New Styles and Best Design Trends

Ultimately, the artificial plants and designs that you choose are entirely up to you. This might seem strange after many years of only choosing plants that you can successfully keep alive both due to your level of experience and the climate. Now, you can choose plants that are notoriously difficult to care for and designs that don’t even grow in the country normally.

As the faux plant niche continues to expand, you’ll find new styles and trends for your office or home. So long as you choose a reliable, high-quality provider, you’ll be happy with the results. For example, some businesses are implementing hanging vines and greenery to add character to the office. Rather than a single plant, these vines drape down walls and bring an area to life.

In fact, you can even cover an entire wall with artificial vines – imagine the impact that this will have on all those who enter the building. As well as keeping your employees happy, it also projects a great image to suppliers and potential clients. Depending on your needs, some people like to cover walls while others look for an excellent plant/pot combination. For example, you might choose a glass vase or a ceramic pot. Either way, the best design trends are the ones that match the decor in your property.

Why not join this craze in 2022 and decorate your home/business with artificial plants, flowers, garlands, and vines?

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