Sustainability and Energy Usage for Commercial Buildings

Installing Solar Panels on Your Business Location in Adelaide 

According to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources, the commercial building sector accounts for one-quarter of all electricity usage in Australia. What’s more, around 10% of all carbon emissions occur in this field. Therefore, sustainability and energy usage are important topics for both those inside and outside of the industry. 

For many years, business owners were concentrating on other aspects within the business – the growing challenge of social media and competitors. Now, they recognise that energy efficiency can help to boost productivity, increase the value of the property, mitigate rising energy costs, reduce operating expenses, and attract new customers. 

Every year, consumers are signalling their intent to shop with responsible companies. Therefore, those who are still energy-inefficient will suffer. 

One of the most effective ways of managing your energy bills, reducing operating costs, and impressing prospective customers is to install solar panels on your business property in Adelaide. Compared to many years ago, solar panels don’t require a huge upfront cost and the products are only getting more effective. 

On average, Adelaide receives nearly five hours of sun hours per day each year. Therefore, it’s one of the most effective locations for solar panels. During the summer months, the number of sun hours exceeds the average, and this can help to reduce your energy bills. While energy yields can differ based on location and other factors, you will almost certainly make your business more efficient overnight with this one change. 

Why should you invest in solar panels this year? Firstly, the cost of solar systems is at an all-time low in Australia. Many years ago, businesses were quite rightly wary because solar systems were expensive and only generated an ROI after many years. Now, the cost of solar systems is so low that some repay the initial investment after as little as four years. 

Why are solar systems so affordable? Because of the many rebates and subsidies made available through the Australian government. For example, the RET (Renewable Energy Target) provides businesses with access to upfront incentives to make solar panels more affordable. If your system is larger than 100kW, you also get an ongoing incentive right through until 2030. 

So long as you choose a reliable provider, like MDB Solar – Adelaide, you’ll reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources. In turn, this will reduce your energy bills while also making the business more attractive to consumers. Rather than solely basing purchasing decisions on price, modern consumers consider their carbon footprint and try to make responsible decisions. 

Commercial Solar Energy Savings 

How much can you expect to save? 1%? 5%? While sceptics might think that savings with solar panels are low, the latest savings prediction for businesses is 31%. That’s right – you can save nearly one-third of your energy costs compared to businesses still relying solely on the grid. 

While energy prices continue to increase, solar panels are looking more and more attractive. Not only do you reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources, but the initial investment is reduced by STCs (small-scale technology certificates), LGCs (large-scale generation certificates), and other rebates. 

What if you rent your property? Unfortunately, you have less control over the decisions that you make for the building itself. If you plan to remain the property, however, some landlords will trade this security for an agreement in the lease terms to implement solar panels. Let’s not forget, solar panels will make the property more attractive to future tenants too! 

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