How can you write notes on Android while offline? There are 5 ways!

Important insights can appear in our heads quite unexpectedly. It’s a useful habit to write them down. The following tips will help. And don’t worry about whether you’re online or not.

Pen and paper are not the best things to carry around. This phenomenon is a thing of the past. These days, everything is handled with smartphones. It doesn’t matter if it’s Supernote Asus or another brand.

On Android, it is possible to record your short notes even offline. You may already know some of these ways. Others may be new to you. Memorize all the ways just in case. They will help you next time.

They are the following ways:

  • Special mobile apps;
  • Save to email folders;
  • Send the text to archives;
  • Capture a video or photo;
  • A photo with a text comment or set of emojis.

Note Apps

Google Play offers a wide variety of note-taking apps. For example, you can download Google Keep and it is perfectly supported by most brands of modern Android phones. If your smartphone is from the Samsung brand, it interacts well with Samsung Notes.

If you like to write lists so your thoughts have a clear structure, then check out Trello. Trello works offline and you don’t need a network to save your valuable thoughts.

Email Draft

Android smartphones by default contain a large number of tools for a variety of tasks. Many modern phones have Gmail installed by default. It’s the most popular email service currently available. It has an option for saving notes. To use this option, launch the Gmail app and select the “Write” option. The system will offer its options, choose a note instead of a letter. When you’re done writing, save the text as a draft.

Even if you forget to click the save option, Gmail saves all your notes automatically. Later, when you need to review your notes, you’ll find them in your Drafts folder.

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You Can Archive Your Text

When you urgently need to write down important information, even the texting option will be helpful. We’re not talking about messengers right now, they only work online. Just open the SMS app and type your text as a message. You can enter your name in the recipient field, you can leave it blank. It’s not like you’re going to send a message.

You can also enter a voice message instead of text. You can even save an image this way. When you have finished entering information, press the three buttons at the top of the screen. A list of commands will appear. Select “Archive” from the list. If you want, you can send this archive to your email when the network comes up.

Capture Video

Not everyone likes to write. Some people find it easier to spell out important thoughts and ideas. If an insight comes to you out of the blue, turn on your smartphone camera, turn it to an interesting phenomenon or object that triggered your interesting insight, speak out your thought and save the video. The video is usually saved automatically. Many people are better at forming their thoughts if they need to spell them out. Being able to form thoughts for writing can sometimes be energy-consuming.

Take Pictures of Important Objects

When you see an interesting object or subject, you can even capture it in all its colors. To do this, take a photo of the object, add a short text description, and save it to your smartphone memory. If you want, you can even create text with emojis. They are a little information but can convey something important through a combination of emoji.

To save a photo of an object or a note from an emoji, you can combine the above methods. Save the photo or set of emojis as a text message.


As you have seen, there are many ways to save a note without accessing the Internet. You can do it in several ways, even while offline. But if you have to take notes often, the volume will increase. This can cause difficulties when you want to process them later. In this case, it’s helpful to download useful apps. There are many apps that can convert a voice message to text or vice versa. There are also apps that allow you to work with images and text. Download such solutions and your every valuable idea will be saved.

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