How Lights Can Change The Aesthetic Of Your Home

Have you ever seen a Christmas tree without lights?


Just imagine all the decorations but nothing to highlight them. Yes, that is the importance of light for our home decor as well. To illuminate the negative spaces, to bring a focal point, lights play an important part.

If you are yet to understand why decorating your rooms with brand new furniture and repaints is not enough, this excerpt is for you. Light as an invention is nevertheless genius, but did you know it can do wonders to your room decor?

Let’s find out! 

1. Highlighting To Attention

You have gotten your ceiling-high bookshelf or a kitchen shelf where you are planning to display all your expensive China and plate collectibles. But, when you have one source of light for everything, it is almost impossible to highlight that portion of the room. Your guests will enter and take in everything the room has to offer.

On the other hand, if you want your guest to pay attention to one segment of the room, then light them up! You can go for a classic soft white, or a soft yellow hue in each cabinet could give it a vintage look if the shelves are wooden.

If you have a huge living room, you can focus on different regions with the help of light. For example, a mini chandelier above the dining area is the best Thanksgiving ambiance for the coming holiday season.

2. Cozy Corners

Lightings are an excellent way to turn a negative space in your room into a cozy corner. If you feel like that corner doesn’t have much use, turn it into a cozy corner. This is a place you can come and relax at the end of the day. Maybe read some books if you are into it.

There is no better way to bring out the coziness of something other than warm lights. Of course, it could be emitting from the ceiling above, or the best way to get to that corner right away is to get a lamp.

We often think that lighting will cost us a lot with the renovation and the electricians. However, sometimes all you need is an electric outlet and a beautiful lamp.

3. Lighting Based On Your Paints

When you opt for lighting, choose the right kind of paint. Or, match your lights with the paint color. Because otherwise, it can give a very obnoxious look to your room. To give you a very bad example would be to have a bright white light over a scarlet red or burnt orange accent wall.

Yes, you would want everyone to take notice of the wall, but not in such a ‘right on your face’ way. When choosing a room paint slightly darker than your usual style, install a dimmer for your lights. If you cannot figure out the current room paint, then paint your room virtually first through Planner 5D, and see whether they are suiting the style and aesthetic of the room. Download the software for free from the pirate bay.

This will give your room that mystical feel that you are opting for. A dimmer is also a great way to induce good sleep at night. If you are unable to sleep in complete darkness, and would rather prefer some light, then this is the best solution to induce some sleep hormones rather than trying to fall asleep in utter brightness.

4. Lighting Based On Activity

This brings us to our next segment of choosing lights according to your needs for your rooms. Every room has a different purpose, and so does every light. For example, if you use a dim light for sleeping, and the color of the light is blue, you should have difficulty falling asleep.

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Light tone colors are not good for you when feeling tired. They will make you feel energized, and thus they are good for study tables and reading nooks. On the other hand, warm tone lights like yellow or light red are best to sleep in or rest. They will automatically make your eyes feel heavy.

Set Up These Lights Today!

Other than these, there are other areas where you can ornament with lights.

– Swimming pool deck, and then turn it into a lounging area.

– The perimeters, like the front yard and backyard driveway. You can ornament these areas with lights, but using smart motion censoring lights can also provide extra security for you.

There are so many areas to experiment with, and you should look for lights that will look the best immediately. 

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