How to make an Instagram Reel – plus video editing tips and tricks

Be it Instagram as a platform or its users – both of these love videos. Following this love and the increasing strife among the several social media platforms, Instagram came up with the concept of reels. But why is everyone fretting about them? Read more to know all about it.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are conceptually short videos with an average duration of only 15 seconds. Although this duration can increase up to 60 seconds, the idea is to connect and engage many viewers in the shortest time possible. If we look at the popularity of reels on the platform, it is undeniable that reels are loved by Instagram and go viral in no time.

How to make Instagram Reels?

Sounds compelling, right? Well, we understand if you wish to make use of this amazing idea and engage with a higher audience than before but are wondering how to do it right. 

Check out the short and sweet guides below and create your reel right away.

  1. Decide the concept: Reels on Instagram are shown to different users based on their interests. For sure, there has to be an audience that resonates with your ideas, plans, and thoughts. Therefore, it is important for you to understand that before you go ready to shoot a reel, think and decide on its concept. With clarity of it, you’ll be in a better position to create a reel that’ll be impactful in the coming day.
  2. Shoot your reel: Instagram has been thoughtful when it introduced its users with reels. It understands that not every user has the same liking for videos. Some of them prefer going live, some like to remix clips, and there are the ones who prefer creating on the spot.
  3. For each one of these trends, you can shoot your reels using:
  4. The reels tab and using the camera icon.
  5. The story’s camera and creating reels from existing content.
  6. The Instagram profile/home screen by using the ‘+’ icon. 

While you are focusing on shooting the reel, you may also try out a multi-scene reel. You can create mini videos or clips of 5 seconds and put them together to create a masterpiece in this option. To achieve this even more easily, you can shoot your videos hands-free. Yes, that’s correct. Try using the stopwatch icon to set for how long you wish to create a recording. There is also an added feature of the countdown option to get ready with your position in 3, 2, and 1 second.

  1. Edit your reel: This is the part where the creativity comes out at best, especially with the help of an online video editor. Check out the tips to give your reel the necessary makeover to the paramount reach. 
  2. Use the music library: Music is a powerful tool and can make people adapt to its rhythm. Make sure you utilise this with your reel as well. This will make your reel competent and effective, provided you select a track as per the concept and content.
  3. Try out captions: Reels are all about engagement and reaching the right people. With captions in your reel, it can be helpful for viewers to be fully aware of your message, whether they can use the musical effect or not. You can choose among the several fonts, styles, and sizes to keep the user engaged with the screen.
  4. Use filters: Filters are a necessary part of online video editing. They are extremely helpful to bring our certain shades better or add a subtle tone to the entire piece. Feel free to experiment with the wide collection effects and even try out stickers that attract the human eye.
  5. Use the align option: No, this is not text alignment, neither does it relate to orientation. The aligning tool with Instagram allows the editor to add and remove certain elements from the reel in progress. It is extremely helpful when creating multi-scene reels. The alignment of the reels overlaps perfectly, even with changes in objects and elements. They are fun to create and watch as well.
  6. Green screen effect: Movie editors best utilise the power of the green screen-wherein you shoot at any available location with a green background and edit it at a later point in time to add the desirable settings. But now you can too! With the green screen camera effect from the social media platform, you can change your scenes just the way you want them to be. 
  7. Make time-lapse to capture more: If you wish to take advantage of the considerable range of reels and yet have a lot to catch up on in a single video, then time-lapse suits you the best. While creating your reel, use the ‘1x’ icon on the screen to change the recording speed. At max, you can change it to 4x and share a minute of content in merely 15 seconds at the final step.
  8. Share your work: Good job creating and editing the reel. The last step is to share the content you created with your audience. Even in this step, you get several options on the platform. You can choose a cover photo different from the reel or pick up one from any video frame. You get to decide whether you should or not add it to your Instagram account’s feed and even prefer to share it on Facebook. Just hit the share button and witness the efforts reaping results.


Indeed, it is time-consuming from creation to sharing the reel. But with the right steps and tricks, it’ll all be worth it. The successful implementations of these steps attract the attention of Instagram’s algorithm, and you can take as many as a million plays with the reels. So do use the tips mentioned here and share your milestones with us.

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