Is it Beneficial for Businesses to use Social Media Marketing Companies

In the simplest terms possible, according to Investopedia, social media can be defined as computer-based technology where ideas, thoughts and information are shared through virtual networks and communities. It gives users quick electronic communication of content, such as personal information, documents, videos and photos.

Data Reportal in 2021 reported that a whopping 4.62 billion people use social media platforms. Another way to put it is “ You run a Pastries shop and baked an elegant, beautiful cake for a client’s wedding, the guests at the wedding love it so much they consider buying your shop but when they search for your shop, there’s nothing to be found, no image of this beautiful cake” In a city where you have multiple competitors and everyone is trying to get their sales up, business owners cannot afford to deprive their customers of information regardless of whether you’re a small company or established cooperation.

What are the current social media platforms that your business could utilize?

There are over 17 social media platforms in the world today and while it’s necessary for your business, we advise that you start with a few platforms and work your way up. As a business owner in Dubai, we recommend starting with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.  If you’re currently unable to manage and start social media marketing, you’re in luck because Prism Marketing LLC is here to help and carry the load for you at an affordable and effective rate.

Here are a few essential reasons why you should consider Social Media Services for your business.

  1. They Create awareness for your business.

When you create social platforms, you get noticed by different people in numerous sectors and industries. What differentiates you from the rest of the companies that supply your services is that you are “the angel they know.” There is power in networking and let’s paint you a picture, “You design personalized journals and a client from Company X buys this journal. As they’re sitting and writing in it, Howard from the same company notices it too and asks for a copy. Because Howard is on the managerial team, the CEO sees the journal and likes the concept. He then suggests that all employees within the company get the same journal.” Because of one person, you’re now about to get a permanent client who wants over 50 journals every quarter.  That’s the power of social media.

  1. It eases communication.

The era of social media is phenomenal, before instagram or youtube, you would have to incur a lot of money to print multiple catalogs of your products and send them to your clients or place them on a stall for passers by to pick. Now with social media, if you have a new product out. The whole world can get that information the moment the product is ready. In fact, you can start engaging them by informing them that you’re working on something new. That’s what we at Prism Marketing do to ensure that you don’t lose continuous communication from your clients and constantly engage with them. We offer packages that range from social media content, live communications, advertising, search engine optimization to mention but a few.

  1. Tracks Activities, Sales and Engagements.

The fact that there is a track record of all the communication between your company and customers. It makes it easy to track and have an insight on what the customer is thinking. “Anna visited my instagram page but didn’t purchase anything. How do we get her to purchase a product?.” All this information is available through  Instagram content performance. All other platforms provide a summary of a profile’s activity as well. The ability to monitor and gather accurate information about your business effectively and fast allows you to move forward with planning and determine the overall performance of your business every so often.

With that being said, social media is the powerdose your business needs to create awareness, communicate effectively, track your business’ activity and sales. We can help you plan your social media campaigns and content every month. For more information, Call us on 04 332 0808 or visit our website:

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