Latest Business Opportunities for eCommerce in 2022

ECommerce stands for  “Electronic Commerce.” It is the act of purchasing and selling goods and services over the internet. In 2019, when COVID-19 first struck the world, the majority of business owners started thinking forward in the eCommerce direction. With all the restrictions put in place, it was much easier to purchase all products online including; grocery, clothes, health products, and multiple other products and services.

A Graphical Illustration of The rise of eCommerce in 2022

Courtesy of  Oberlo, the graph below illustrates a growth in Ecommerce in 2022 by 12.7%. In 2020 however, the growth rate skyrocketed by a whopping 25.7% and our assumption is that COVID-19 has a big role to play in this transformative rise.


Multiple Business owners are doing away with the Physical stores for their products and actually adopting online platforms. Not only is ecommerce cost-friendly for startup businesses but it guarantees a much wider reach in comparison to a physical store with no online presence.

Here are a few Business Opportunities for eCommerce this year. 

  1. Online educational content.

Individuals that are extremely gifted or that have taken the time to master certain concepts have used that opportunity to develop their own businesses online by teaching a wider range of people how to achieve the same results. We have multiple individuals that have sold their weight loss journey plans and recommended products online and made a significant amount of money off it, other ideas have included Financial literacy, Investment Guides, Language learning platforms to mention but a few.

  1. Selling ebooks and Journals

Many people are looking for knowledge, students, professionals in different fields all need books of some sort. If you’re interested in venturing into this field, the first step is identifying your niche. Books are the same but they cover different topics and vary not just by content but by age group. They can be further personalized into time periods for people that prefer the classics or historical books. Once you find your niche and are able to identify a target group then it becomes easier to create engagement and build up from there. As a guide, feel free to to visit as it has a very elaborate guide on how to start an online business selling ebooks.

  1. Beauty and health products

If  you’re someone that loves beauty and health products then this is your chance to start an online business. The rate at which influencers benefit from selling and recommending skincare products is high which says alot about the industry. As this is a delicate industry, ensure that every product that you share with your audience is highly recommended and has positive reviews, a high amount of time is spent on researching the products as opposed to selling multiple products you have little to no knowledge about. For a step by step guide, visit elogic commerce.

  1. Coaching and Mentoring

If there’s anything COVID-19 has taught multiple people is that sometimes, if not all times, Plan B is necessary. Most people were left at crossroads when they lost their jobs, companies shut down during the pandemic and we all started thinking about having different streams of income aside from our jobs. Coaching and mentoring eCommerce platforms started rising with many offering coaching for people that wanted to venture into being Virtual Assistants, Affiliate Marketers and many other business ideas.  If this is your area of expertise, start with a few guides on Nudge. The best part about this is the ability to specialize packages and provide a detailed breakdown; individuals that want a one on one coaching session pay more than those using already available material.

People are willing to pay a price for anything that adds value to their lives and if well packaged then starting an eCommerce website will be worth a shot. A reasonable amount of time should be dedicated to research. It’s critical to gather information about the product that you’d like to sell and identify your target audience. Remember, identifying a target audience creates engagement much faster because people have needs and you came up with a great solution. Most businesses did not start from scratch in a sense because they had a foot forward the moment they identified a problem and found a solution. Take your time doing research and you’re guaranteed to succeed.

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