Some Common Cat Myths

  • Black cats are unlucky

Black cats have been the subject of lore and myth for centuries. While in some countries, they are regarded as unlucky, and felines are said to bring good luck and wealth to other places. In Japan, black kittens get good luck if it crosses your way, but in much of the US and Europe, a black cat means bad luck is on its way. 

Germany depends on which direction a black kitten walks in front of you. Left to right means great times ahead, but right to left means the opposite. Some Italians believe a person will soon die if a black cat jumps on the bed next to a sick person. While in China, some believe black kittens to be the bringers and causes of poverty. Sadly, abandoned and unwanted black cats are notoriously difficult to rehome thanks to superstition and myth, so it seems they are unlucky. In real life, the only supernatural powers black cats possess are ones of unconditional love and affection, just like any other cat.

  • All felines hate water.

Most pet cats are not big fans of water, but anyone who has seen cat videos knows that not all cats hate getting wet. Scientists think most cats hate water because cats’ coats don’t dry very fast, which can leave them feeling uncomfortable and perhaps cold. The weight of the water is likely to weigh the usually-nimble animal down, which means they can’t escape perceived risk as quickly. Some people spray water at cats trying to get them to stop doing something. Imagine how you’d feel if someone sprayed water in your face out of nowhere, and you should begin to understand why cats dislike it. If you need to bathe your cat for medical reasons, use a little bit of positive encouragement, such as a favorite treat, while gently introducing them to the water.


  • Cats are unloving. If you want an affectionate pet, get a dog.

Perhaps the most significant debate of modern times is whether pups or kittens make better pets, and one argument on the dog’s side is that cats are unloving.

Domestic cats are, by nature, more independent than domestic dogs – partly because they weren’t procreated to spend a lot of time with humans and also because the ancestors of these cats don’t live in the same family groups as canines.

A recent study found that cats don’t show signs of distress when their owners leave and aren’t particularly bothered when their owners return to them. But, as anyone coming home from a hard day’s graft to have their cat jump onto their lap testify, cats show affection towards their owners, and many like to be stroked and patted.


  • Cats always land on their feet.

Felines will land on their feet when they fall from a height mainly because they have a righting reflex whereby they can twist around quickly in the air while falling. They also have flexible backbones, which help them in doing this. But sadly, this isn’t always the case. Every year our medical pet hospitals treat cats that have fallen from great heights, often out of the windows of high-rise buildings. Some make a recovery, but sadly, lots don’t make it. And some who don’t succumb to their injuries suffer life-changing damage that can be expensive to treat for owners without pet insurance sa


  • Can cats see in complete darkness?

Cats cannot see in total darkness any more than humans can. But they are much better adapted than we see in low light levels. Their eyes let in more light than ours for several reasons. The corneas in a cat’s eye are thinner than humans, and their irises (the colored part of the eye) open far wider, allowing more light to enter. Like many animals, the feline also has a highly enlarged reflective area in the back of their eyes, making them glow at night.

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  • Cats have nine lives.

No, sadly, this is not true. Kittens have only one life. So please give them a healthy life, nurture them like your own kid, buy a pet insurance, take care of them, give them best cat treatment and keep the vet visits regular for this one life that they have.

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