How to Know if Your Online PR Campaign is Working

A successful PR campaign requires constant monitoring and evaluation to track its impact on target audiences. There are numerous ways to measure the effectiveness of an online PR strategy, but how do you know if your campaign is working? It’s not as simple as checking a box and saying, “PR campaign complete!” You need to understand what metrics matter, recognize when adjustments need to be made, measure the right things from the start, and see where your efforts are showing results. With so many variables involved in an digital PR strategy, it can be tricky to assess its effectiveness. Here are a few ways to know if your campaign is working.

Tracking Key Metrics

There are many different metrics that you can track to determine if your online PR campaign is working. The first step to evaluating your digital campaign is to measure the success of key metrics that are important to your digital presence.

The Click-through rate (CTR) is the most effective one in digital PR. The percentage of people who click on an ad and visit your website. CTR is typically measured by dividing the number of clicks on your ads by the total number of impressions, or ads viewed, for one month or quarter. For example, if you have 3,000 impressions in a month and only 600 clicks on your ads, you would have a CTR of .3%.

Measuring Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement refers to how many people talk about your brand online. This can be measured by tracking keywords related to your company on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and counting how often those keywords mention on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. 

For example, if a brand was working on a new product launch and wanted to measure how well they were doing compared to their competitors, they could measure their social media engagement using this method. They would count how many mentions of their brand occurred in a month and compare them to other brands in their industry that are also doing similar activities (such as launching new products).

Measuring the ROI of Social Media Advertising

Advertising through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is becoming more prevalent since they can reach a much wider audience. There are a number of social media advertising platforms out there that can help you measure the ROI of your digital marketing efforts

These platforms allow you to track how many people have seen your ads and how many of those people have engaged with them, which can be measured through various metrics like clicks, clicks-to-open, and the amount of time someone spends on your website after clicking one of your ads.

You will also want to measure the ‘value’ or success of each ad you create. For example, measuring the number of people who click on your ad and buy something from you is a good metric if you sell products online. Measuring how many people click on an ad but never make a purchase is not as valuable because it does not show whether they were interested enough in what your business had to offer to want to buy it in the first place. 

You should also consider other ways that an ad could have impacted revenue, such as impressions (the number of times someone sees an ad), frequency (the number of times someone sees an ad) and the average cost per impression (how much it costs per time they see an ad). These metrics can be tracked using tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights.

Check the Sales Figures

It is also important to track the revenue you are making from your sales. This can be tracked in different ways, including the value of each sale and the revenue you have generated through each type of sale. 

You should also consider tracking the number of customers you have, their average order size (the value of their purchase), and whether or not they had made purchases from other competitors before coming to your business. You can find out more here

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

The cost per acquisition (CPA) is another great way to check your campaign’s success. This will show you how much it costs to acquire a new customer versus how much it costs to retain an existing customer. It will also show you what percentage of your customers come from organic or paid search advertising. 

It is also important to track this metric over time because it will allow you to see what type of advertising campaigns are working best for your business and which ones are not generating any revenue at all.

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In the digital age, it’s easy to measure almost anything. You can find out how many followers a person or brand has on social media and how many people have viewed a video or webpage. It’s also easy to see whether your advertisements, emails, and websites are working as you intended. While checking to see if your online marketing efforts are working might seem unnecessary, there are so many benefits that you stand to gain. Whether your marketing campaign is for a business, brand, product, or service, keeping track of its success will help you make adjustments as necessary.

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