What is FTTX?

FTTX refers to Fiber to the X, and this solution has streamlined the way the internet is being used. It offers enhanced reliability and speed via the Optical Fiber that is more resilient and scalable. For individuals looking for a sustainable, affordable, and future-proof network for their office, home, or fibre rollout service, FTTX is a suitable high-speed broadband connection.

In FTTX, X means the node, and it is a town, home, shopping centre, local school, or public buildings. Using this solution, you can enjoy great connectivity and download huge files within a few seconds. Here are some advantages to enjoy by using the FTTX solution. They will also indicate why you should go for this solution. They are:

    Get Internet At The Speed Of Light

A fibre optic cable comprises several high thin strands and can be made of plastic or glass. It carries over light pulses, transferring data at high speed and long distances at less signal loss. Using this network, you can get up to 1 GBPS which allows downloading two-hour high definition movies in a few seconds. After that, you can effortlessly watch it without any problem.

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    Trust The Connection

The fibre cable conductors are glass, so there is no chance of generating electricity. Also, close power lines will never create any interference, and FTTC ensures that nothing will impact the fibre optic network except for the destruction of a structure or a physical cut. While using FTTX, your connection will not drop, and while watching a series, you won’t face any problems.

    Cloud Access

From data storage to customer relationship management (CRM), the cloud is a crucial business tool for hosting, apps, and more. Over 95% of organizations are using the cloud nowadays to some extent. The bandwidth and speed capabilities of fibre internet indicate faster access to applications and data stored in the cloud. It will eliminate delays in accessing information present in cloud-based through SaaS, indicating customer service and sales representatives. When all information is received on time, delays can be avoided, and the work speeds up.

    Easier Than You Imagine

After installing these fibres, you won’t have any problem, and they are future-proof. With businesses moving more and more things to the cloud, FTTX is becoming imperative.


Fibre to the X provides reliability advantages that help in enhancing internet connectivity. The Fiber is stronger compared to copper and is not susceptible to weather conditions. This Fiber is resistant to electrical or human interference till they get physically cut. In an organization, unreliable internet connections can lead to expenses. Unplanned downtime can also impact productivity and communications, which will not be good for an organization. If your organization needs to make calls or access several other applications, reliability is another parameter to enjoy. It will happen only with the FTTX solution.

    Strength Of The Signal

The signals get affected when users move away from the switch while using the traditional broadband connection. But with FTTX, the signal strength will never get affected while moving away. Organizations with larger spaces could take advantage of this parameter as the signal strength will be equal in every corner. It will help every employee to work efficiently, which otherwise would hurt their work.


For companies with high demand for data transmission, it is essential to check the internet bandwidth. Not all connections offer unlimited connectivity, so you must check the availability before getting it. The reason is it decreases the speed, and you might face difficulty. With FTTX, you can eliminate delays, slow speeds, and pixelated video quality.

    Added Value

Additionally, to get the right communication services, you can get the FTTH which will help in enhancing the value of your home. as per reports, it has been found that Fiber to the Home services increases the value of a house by 3. 1%.​

Final Thoughts

STL Tech is a one-stop solution for FTTX and is a perfect solution to opt for your organization. By opting for this solution, you can eliminate the proximities. You will get faster internet service and enjoy better connectivity. Fibre optic cables can resist any atmospheric conditions and can be installed anywhere. They can operate without getting disrupted due to chemicals or water.

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