When To Service A Rinnai Gas Heater

Do Plumbers Service Rinnai Brand Heaters?

When you have a gas heater, you need to ensure that it is well maintained regardless of brand. Most of the heaters tend to work so seamlessly that you’d assume they don’t need constant servicing. That would be wrong, though, as servicing the systems ensures your safety while using the heaters. If you have a Rinnai gas heater, you need to know when to service it. Most of them share the same timeline, so you can use the info below on any of the Rinnai gas heaters you may have.

Rinnai is the number one brand of water heaters in Australia, boasting the most reliable and energy-efficient hot water systems. It is also the only gas appliance manufacturer in Australia with an office dedicated solely to service. Most plumbers can service any gas heater you have, Rinnai heaters included. But you need to ensure you find the right person for the job. You want to look at the people who have years of experience in the trade and not a startup. You may also want to look at a Plumber for Rinnai Gas Heater Servicing if you want someone who specializes in the same. This will give you a better option as you won’t have to deal with major repairs in the future.

Safe Carbon Monoxide Levels

This is a good time to talk about carbon monoxide, which is produced by all gas heaters. The good news is that the Rinnai heater is designed to vent carbon monoxide properly. But you should always be aware of carbon monoxide levels in your home. When the levels are high, they can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, and even death if not detected in time. You can easily find a carbon monoxide detector at any hardware store or online. Also, the right plumber should be able to tell if the vent is working well or not.

Annual Gas Heater Servicing

A Rinnai gas heater should have an annual service to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently. This service should be performed in either the fall or spring of each year by a licensed plumber. Annual servicing helps prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your heater.

During this service, a plumber will:
  • inspect the appliance for any damage or fault codes
  • check for deterioration or corrosion of components
  • flush out dust and debris from the heater’s burner chamber and fan housing,
  • clean the heat exchanger
  • check flue draw on startup and operation,
  • check for blockages in combustion air grills
  • verify that all sensors are working and test for safe electrical continuity.
Signs You Need A Gas Heater Service
  • You’re having problems turning on or off the heater
  • The pilot light isn’t staying lit
  • Heating is not consistent throughout your home
  • Your heater is making strange noises or smells different than usual
  • The heater doesn’t heat all rooms in your house at the same time

Routine Maintenance For Your Rinnai Gas Heater

To ensure that your Rinnai gas heater is working well, you need to ensure you service it. Knowing when to service the system may be a problem, but annually should be sufficient. Here’s all you need to know about the servicing and why you need to call a plumber for the job.

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