12 Ways to Improve the Aesthetics of Your Garage

Are you moving into a new home? Need to fix up the clutter in your garage? Need a functional workspace in your garage? If you’ve run out of ideas on how to design your garage, making it more efficient with space and, of course, more aesthetically pleasing, then you’ve come to the right place to improve the aesthetics of your garage. This does not require investing in intricately designed cabinets and multi-colored paints. 

Instead, aesthetics comes from how the designer maximizes space for the perfect mix of efficiency and beauty. Here, we introduce some ideas that you could use in creating the perfect garage for you and your family, including garage storage systems.

1. Need More Space? Use the Garage Walls or the Ceiling!

First thing’s first – keep as many objects off the floor as possible. It’s a rule of thumb to maximize spaces in the room such as walls and even the ceiling as places to install garage storage systems. There are plenty of ways to make use of walls and ceilings, ranging from wall-mounted and overhead storage to garage storage systems such as moveable brackets on fixed brackets.

2. Keep Your Best Tools in Big-Fitted Cabinets and Closed Storage

Our most precious power tools need all the love and care we can give them as they cost a ton. Giving some space for Big Fitted Cabinets with lockable closed storage systems is extremely useful in this regard. These ensure that our power tools are organized and away from any circumstance that may damage them. They’re also handy in keeping them away from children, thus keeping the children safe from any unforeseen accident.

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3. A Fitted Garage Work Bench

A workbench becomes important for most garages as this gives you the space to work on household repairs and other projects. If you’re a DIY person, this becomes all the more a necessary asset for your garage. A good workbench should be sturdy and able to hold some weight, making the center bracing key. Incorporating the workbench into other features of your garage, such as pegboards and big fitted cabinets, could also prove useful for easy access and storage of your tools.

4. Stylish Shelving

There’s no reason for a garage to not look great. Incorporating some stylish shelving on walls akin to the shelving in your living room is quite okay. If you’re planning to turn one part of your garage into some sort of area where you spend time doing your hobbies, perhaps having stylish shelving – wall-mounted box cabinets and glass cabinets – could help.

5. Non-Fitted Garage Racking

Don’t like fitted garage shelves? Then, using metal garage racking would do the trick! Much of these storage units are not fitted to your walls, making them easy to move around. They are also durable and can hold a ton of weight. But then again, this could cost quite an investment.

6. Fit Your Walls with Tool Racks

Have a hard time organizing your tools? Then it’s about time you get some wall-fitted tool racks in your garage. Aside from the fact that they line your walls beautifully with the variety of your tools, they also keep you and your family out of danger. You don’t want to leave long-handled items on the ground and trip on them, nor do you want to rummage through drawers with sharp tools inside.

7. Shelf Brackets with Some Storage Capacity

Another option for your long-handled tools is shelf brackets. Take your ordinary wall-mounted shelf bracket and extend it a bit, adding a hook to its end to allow you to hang bags or even store long-handled tools. Some designs have bars or hooks attached to the brackets below the shelves.

8. Don’t Cut Corners! Make Use of Corner Shelves

Corner shelves make use of corners for the storage of small objects such as glues, waxes, oils, and polishes, which could get lost on larger shelves. It’s also quite likely that your garage corners have studs and corner shelves that take advantage of this. This makes it efficient, easy, and of course, money-saving.

9. Overhead Storage

Got some things that you and your family use very rarely? Or things you would like to store but you won’t be using for quite a long time? Then you should maximize the ceiling as potential overhead storage space. 

You could make use of some PVC pipes as brackets to store long-handled tools, or perhaps invest in a ceiling-mounted garage rack for more versatility in storage. But don’t hang your ceiling-mounted shelf too low. You don’t want to damage the roof of your car when parking in your garage.

10. Peg Boards

Aside from attaching this to your workbench, you could also make use of pegboards to add storage for small tools, such as gardening tools. You could even add some attachable shelves for small items such as paints, oils, waxes, and the like. If you want to make one part of your garage look aesthetically pleasing, then there’s no harm in adding racks or shelves to your peg boards to hold small plants.

11. Wall Track System to Keep Things off the Floor and Flexible Storage

A wall track system is another good option aside from peg boards for flexible storage on your walls. But the key difference here is that wall track systems are more durable and allow storage for larger objects such as ladders, hoses, and even long-handled tools. Brackets could also be attached to mount shelves and plastic bins for storage. If you have a bike, a wall track system could also accommodate a wall-mounted bike rack.

12. Stackable Storage Bins for Easy Vertical Storage

The simplest form of garage storage that one could think of aside from garage racks would be stackable storage bins. They could be used to store things you don’t use every day and stack them in a corner. Or, you could make use of smaller-sized storage bins to organize objects in your garage racks or mounted shelves.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when your garage is a dull, dreary, and messy area in your household you intend to hide. Even if it’s where you place your tools and where you work, it can still become aesthetically pleasing. Browse our catalog at Storables.com to check out more storage solutions for your shelf.

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