Pro Tips on Choosing the Perfect Sun Hat This Summer

If you spend considerable time outdoors in summer exposed to direct sunshine, wearing a good sun hat becomes very important. Summer hats protect you from the hazardous UV rays in the sunshine that cause premature aging and skin cancer in addition to making life more comfortable. According to Medical News Today, over-exposure to UV radiation can cause sunburn. While most hats are designed to keep the sun at bay, not all of them have the same performance. Your choice of a good sun hat will depend on various factors like activity, presence of wind, need for good peripheral vision, and the extent of sun protection required, fashion, and functionality, not to speak of how much hair you have.

Types of Sun Hats You Can Consider

Visor Hat

Many people desist from wearing a hat because it makes them sweat more. If you want the best of both worlds, you should opt for a visor hat, which is a hat without a crown but protects your forehead and eyes from sunshine with a stiff brim. A strip of Velcro encircles the head and holds the visor in place. The absence of the crown ensures good breathability while providing shade to your face, forehead, and neck. Sportspersons, like tennis players, golfers, volleyball players, etc., prefer it because of its low weight and excellent visibility while preventing glare. Visor hats are usually made of materials that absorb sweat easily, like cotton, and also have a sweatband that prevents the sweat from getting into your eyes. You can get more sun protection by angling the visor down but at the expense of visibility.

Wide Brim Sun Hat

A sun hat gives the best protection when the brim is four inches or wider. Narrower brims can give you good sun protection when the sun is high, but in the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is low, only a wider brim can give you enough shade. If you intend to be outdoors under a blazing sun, you need to wear a sun hat with a brim of at least four inches in width. While you get more sun protection with a wide brim hat, you also need to find out the brim width that is most comfortable for you. A larger brim may give you more shade but may not necessarily look good on you, which can be disappointing if you are fashion-conscious. You should know that you can control the amount of sunshine by angling the brim. By angling the brim forward, you can get more sun protection when wearing cool cowboy hats.

If you are in a windy place, you need to be extra careful wearing a wide brim hat since a gust of wind can make it blow away. It is better to buy a hat with a chin strap you can adjust to optimal comfort and security so that your hat stays in place when the wind is blowing or you are bending or stooping. A wide brim hat with a chinstrap is ideal for activities like gardening. They are also great for active children.

Ventilated Hat

If you are balding or have thinning hair, the impact of the sun’s rays is even more on your head and can cause profuse sweating and heat buildup. Even though you may be tempted to wear a hat with mesh panels on the crown for the extra airflow they provide to keep your head cooler, you need to know that UV radiation will still affect your scalp. You should avoid mesh panel hats; however, those with thick hair will find it a viable option for protecting themselves from the sun and keeping cooler at the same time. Mesh hats also don’t work too well for those who use hair colors as the UV rays can cause them to break down.

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Other Considerations for Buying Sun Hats

When buying a sun hat, you must get the size right for a comfortable fit and optimum protection from the sun. However, a bigger hat is better than one that’s too small, as tight hats can chafe your forehead and the sides of your head and give you a headache. When buying a hat, you should measure your head and buy an appropriate size after trying it out for fit and comfort. You can use stick-on sizing tape inside the crown to make your hat fit better if you buy a bigger hat.

It may be important to have a good peripheral vision for better performance and safety, especially if you are wearing a hat with a wide brim or a neck drape.


Buying a hat for the summer is highly recommended for overall comfort and protection from the blazing sun. The kind of hat you buy will depend on an evaluation of your requirements and the environment in which you use your hat. While you have several options, you need to ensure a proper fit and select an appropriate brim size. 

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